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5 Fruits for Diabetics That Help Fight Disease

5 Fruits for Diabetics That Help Fight Disease

One of the most pleasant and healthy ways to end a meal is with a fresh, sweet and juicy fruit. This healthy natural food satisfies those who have sweet tooth form, why they are so attractive fruits for diabetics.

Contrary to some beliefs that fruits are prohibited for diabetics because sweet taste, they have low glycemic levels, and sugar that consists is fructose, a compound that is metabolized by the body differently than glucose.

Fructose does not accumulate in the blood and causes damage in people with diabetes, as long as the recommended amounts are consumed. Fruit, beyond having beneficial properties for diabetes, is good for health in general for its negligible fat content and its great contribution of rich fibers and resins pectin which help lower cholesterol and slow digestion.

What are the fruits for diabetics more recommended?

  1. Among the most beneficial fruits for diabetics are the grapes. They contain antioxidants called polyphenol, which protect pancreatic beta cells and which are those that produce insulin.
  2. Red fruits or berries like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are antioxidants and vitamin C, fiber and potassium. All these nutrients are helpful to regain function of the pancreas.
  3. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, sour guava contain soluble fiber. Apple, like citrus fruits contains a soluble fiber called pectin that maintains stable cholesterol levels and controls blood glucose.
  4. The banana or banana is made based fiber and potassium, and positively affects cardiovascular disease and obesity. It also helps maintain controlled blood pressure problems, diseases directly related to diabetes. In turn, helps decrease in sodium levels.
  5. Fig gives very good results against diabetes. You can prepare this: Take 4 tablespoons chopped fig leaves in a bottle of 100 D.C. alcohol, and leave well covered for 8 days. Take a mixed with a cup of any liquid that does not contain sweet, morning and evening teaspoon.

Diabetics eating fruits

However, it is worth mentioning a few rules that you must keep in mind that the consumption of these fruits is more profitable:

Everything in excess is bad. Respect the recommended amounts, since an excess of sugars for stopping of the top portions could have immediate effects on your metabolism.

When the stomach receives food in a fatigued state absorbs immediately, and could make rapidly increase blood sugar and wreak havoc, especially if it is a sweet fruit.

Accompany your serving of fruit preferably with some protein like nuts or skim milk, so that the stomach does not concentrate only on fructose fruit but also amino acids of proteins, and thus slow the metabolism of sugar.

All these fruits for diabetics will provide many nutrients and properties that you also will sit very well. And if you include them in a food plan that contains a variety of other foods beneficial for diabetes, the disease may be decreasing until disappearing completely.

Fruits for diabetes can become your allies unbeatable to recover your healthy lifestyle.

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