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5 great myths about felled cats

5 great myths about felled cats

There are many myths about cats, as they have between 7 and 9 lives and they always fall on their feet, until they are the archenemies of dogs. What is truth and what is fiction? Here are 5 great myths about cats and we bring them down!

Cats love milk

You probably remember some cartoon of your childhood in which they showed a cat happily drinking a plate of milk. And perhaps that is why the myth that cats love milk has been perpetuated. The truth is that many cats are lactose intolerant, and milk causes diarrhea, so the best thing a cat can drink is water, especially adult cats.

Cats love fish

The problem with this belief is that actually fish is not part of a healthy diet for cats because it does not contain taurine, a compound essential for healthy cat food.

Cats always fall on their feet

We have heard dozens of stories of how this or that cat fell from a few meters to several floors of a building. And although they are very good at doing it, they do not always succeed.

If they fall from a very short distance does not give them the time to turn and accommodate the body, while they simply may not survive a fall from too high. So you better not throw your cat to see if it falls down.

 Cats only purr when they are happy

If you have a cat you will have realized that not only do they purr when they are happy, but they can also do it when they are scared, stressed, hurt, sick, and even dying.

Black cats bring bad luck

It’s like saying that black dogs, black clothes or black cars bring bad luck. It’s just a cat! Regardless of their color, the only thing that cats bring is a lot of joy and love for a home.

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