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5 Health Benefits of Peach worth Knowing

5 Health Benefits of Peach worth Knowing

Peach season is here (runs from May to September), and is a fruit that deserves a place in our diet for its nutritional properties. For dessert, in salads, complementing many other foods … both peaches and other fruits of the family Rosaceae (nectarines, apricots) are ideal for summer, presenting many beneficial health and a host of antioxidant properties.

If its taste and its properties were not enough, the peach is also a food with a low calorie intake, so it is still advisable when trying to lose weight, although we see something more in depth its benefits:

It is rich in fiber: As we have said on other occasions, this is an aid in cases of constipation, but also prevents colon cancer. The fiber also has a satiating effect, which will help you eat less if it is to lose weight.

It contains vitamin C: One medium piece of this fruit provides more than 15% of the daily requirement of this vitamin for the body.

Beneficial for the skin, hair and eyes: It contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant substance that is converted into vitamin A in the body, which is essential for healthy mucous membranes, bones, hair, skin and vision. This same antioxidant effect helps prevent certain diseases (such as cancer).

Vascular protector: Coumarin content decreases the permeability of the capillaries and increases its resistance improving venous microcirculation.

Low calorie content: Despite being a sweet fruit, does not provide as many carbohydrates as others, and is recommended if you intend to control weight.

In addition to the peach itself, there are other fruits of the same family who also have many benefits. This is the case of nectarine, with similar properties but higher content of vitamin C and folic acid. As a counterpoint, it is also more heat to have more sugar. Apricot, in turn, helps to absorb calcium and remove toxins, and is good antithrombotic with certain amount of flavonoids.

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