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5 Main Reasons for Obesity

5 Main Reasons for Obesity

What we like to eat every day, but also our lifestyle (our habits), are for me the two basic reasons that make up a person who has a healthy weight against another that is overweight or obese.

No longer cooking: Family meals that were previously considered more frequent and priority, no longer held regularly. Children and adults tend to eat out. This fact makes many people never learn to cook. (According to a survey conducted by Impulse Research, one third of people do not know how to cook).

Too many sweets and fats: The “junk” is available too often. Processed, sugary foods and excessive and satisfying portions are present in many restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets etc

Do not eat relaxed: The current way of life is often strenuous in terms of work and activities, taking less time than ever. Stress has been linked to weight gain and favors excessive behavior toward food. Stress leaves no room for planning meals, make exercised, etc.

Little or no physical activity: As we mentioned before, if exercise is not done, do not burn calories or hormonal functioning, circulatory, respiratory, metabolic.. Suitable for our body is stimulated.

Too Diets: The answer to weight problem has come in the form of diets sometimes very simplistic. Excessive restrictions, rules etc. They can generate psychological problems such as anxiety. Chronic dieting also leads to what in intuitive eating is called “diet mentality”, feeding the vicious circle of restriction, weight loss, consumption of pleasurable foods and new weight gain, in addition to the known rebound effect.

Therefore, before making hasty decisions on how to lose weight and when put on a “diet” it is best seen our individual reality, analyze our lifestyle and introduce appropriate and progressive changes to fit our personal situation.

This will facilitate adherence to change and change of habit that will generate healthy changes in other areas of our life.

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