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5 Reasons to Exercise with your own Weight

5 Reasons to Exercise with your own Weight

Exercising with your own weight has many physical and economic benefits; you get in shape without spending on equipment, weights or dumbbells; all you need is a suspension bands.

These accessories are very useful, because you can take anywhere and exercising your own weight in wherever you want. With these ropes lizards, squats, simulation while running, sit-ups, among others practiced.

The important thing to do “hanging” exercise is that gravity pulls the body down, and to “elevate and conquer” make an effort with your muscles.

  1. Strengthen your muscles and joints

Improves joint monitoring; that is, application of force along the articulations run.

By using your own weight as resistance joints are prepared to make great efforts to present no risk injury.

  1. Improved coordination

You can make combinations of exercise without damaging your body.

For example: Do a squat and bend your arms at the same time.

  1. You can exercise outdoors

You do not need great training facilities. You just have to get a roof or elevated surfaces and a good system of suspension straps that allow you to perform different exercises.

  1. All can work with its own weight

Suspension exercises can be performed from children to older adults. With the right advice in the technique of execution.

  1. You put your heart in shape

It is a great effort both cardiovascular and strength mainly in static positions.

You can change or suspension combine exercises with other devices such as balance boards, Swiss balls, among others.

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