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5 Surprising Benefits of Pasta for Athletes

5 Surprising Benefits of Pasta for Athletes

If it is embarking on a career or participate in a marathon the good news is that pasta can help you more than you imagine winning the competition. Today we will discuss 5 benefits of pasta for athletes. Sure you’ll be surprised.

Energy supply

In the Italian cuisine pasta is well positioned in the feed. What if we tell you that the benefits of the pasta can help you come first in a competition? Well the energy from the batter is able to win the race and more, flour durum wheat which makes up the pasta has the necessary carbohydrates and also has no fat content. Eat delicious pasta before the race.

Easily digested                                     

Pasta is one of those foods that leave you satisfied to finish eating but unlike other foods does not produce heaviness, no cause e.g. swelling on behalf of gases and usually the sauces that accompany good pasta are extracted from natural products that make digestion easier. The pasta before the race without heaviness, remember.

More energy

As we have said easy digestion of the pulp in the body significantly improves the metabolism in the body and especially this improvement is reflected in the energy you have. Due to better treatment of nutrients into the body increases gradual and controlled glucose in the blood and thus your energy for that race you’ve been waiting increases. Fancy a bowl of whole wheat pasta?

Fuel to run

Joe Bastianich, restaurateur, winemaker, writer and judge of the Fox series Master Chef the best ally in their careers dish is pasta because it indicates that it is the best fuel for your body. Bastianich says it is complex carbohydrates that make up that allow you to have a sustainable energy into the race. Even the preparation with olive oil is perfect to improve the movement of joints.

Race of Life

In that race that draws us life with pasta feed it is very beneficial, it is an excellent food to reduce anxiety, the same that can occur before any competition. Besides their glucose levels help you health of the brain and muscles, then you have no excuse to eat pasta.

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