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5 Tips to Control Tachycardia Quickly

5 Tips to Control Tachycardia Quickly

To prevent tachycardia apply a jet of cold water on the face and eyes for about 10 seconds. If we are in a time of increased heart rate, we can get wet arms with cold water.

When the heartbeat is irregular or faster than normal say that suffered tachycardia. heartbeat, increasing its frequency to more than 100 per minute, can be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, nervousness and excessive sweating.

In this article we share some tips to learn to control tachycardia, in the very moment that we suffer as a long term treatment.

Potassium Rich Foods

As with any natural treatment, food is the foundation. Whenever we have a health problem may have to change some eating habits.In the case of the heart is usually a deficiency of mineral, potassium, so we recommend increasing the consumption of foods containing:


Green apple





Integral rice





Infusions for the Heart

Medicinal plants with soothing and slightly sedative properties help us relax. Choose between one of the following:

Lemon balm



Passion flower or Passiflora

We can prepare an infusion, sweeten with a little stevia or orange blossom honey and go taking small sips while still hot.

These infusions help us promptly, when we feel the heart irregularity. We continuously take infusions of hawthorn, an excellent plant for heart and circulatory problems, and olive leaf, a cardiovascular protector that helps improve arrhythmias, reduce hypertension and to give more flexibility to the arteries.

Self-massage in the Chest

Massage has almost immediate relaxing effects, whether we carry ourselves as if we had done a person of our trust.

Lying on your back, preferably on the couch or in bed, we will hand over our bare chest.

We will press lightly with the palm of the hand on the skin to mobilize some tissue that is on the ribs.

We will circles as if we had a clock in the chest, slowly following the direction of the needles.

Repeat it for about 5 minutes, or until we need it. Avoid getting up abruptly.

Outer Harmful Stimulants

Regular consumption of foods and stimulants increases the frequency of the heartbeat. By stimulating we refer to coffee, especially if it is roasted, the cola-based drinks and other beverages like alcohol, black tea or snuff.

If we take those foods that we like, we try to find similar alternatives that are healthy, such as coffee cereals, juices, beer without alcohol, white tea or green tea, etc.

But if we take them because we feel exhausted or lacking in vitality, we opt for other foods that do not affect the health of our heart, like nuts, seeds, smoothies, spirulina, maca, yeast beer, etc.

Do Not Neglect Physical Exercises

Exercise is the best way to regulate our body when it suffers some type of imbalance. Whether we like the relaxing exercise such as yoga, tai chi or walking, as if we prefer intense exercise, it is important that we make every week, at least two or three times.

It should not be a sacrifice that causes us disgust. It is therefore essential to choose the right activity we do, alone or accompanied.

Importantly, according to traditional Chinese medicine, the time of peak activity of the heart is 11 to 13 hours, so we recommend not perform strenuous exercise at this time of the morning.

Benefit of Cold Water

Water is a natural and healthy element that we know best to benefit from its excellent and affordable properties. The key is to play with the temperature, which causes different effects on our body.

To prevent tachycardia can be applied several times a day as prevention, a jet of cold water on the face and eyes for about 10 seconds. If we are in a time of increased heart rate, we can get wet arms with cold water or apply cold compress on the area heart.

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