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5 tips to eat vegetables without noticing

5 tips to eat vegetables without noticing

Did you know that you can include vegetables in your recipes of cakes? By replacing normal flour chickpea flour, besides providing an original flavor we get extra protein and vitamins.

In this article we explain how eating legumes almost without noticing, adding them to all kinds of recipes, sweet and salty, allowing you to eat this healthy and nutritious food as usual.

Find out how you can do such amazing recipes such as snacks, biscuits or pancakes with vegetables.

How to eat vegetables without getting bored

Legumes are a type of essential food for health because they contain vegetable protein and fiber, among many other nutrients. For this reason it is good to eat two or three times a week.

There are many people who do not usually take because they cause gas, they do not like or take in cooking. However, in this article we show you how to eat vegetables in a much more digestible and attractive way, providing simple ideas for the whole family.


How to eat vegetables if you do not like? Adding a small amount each time you prepare a vegetable cream. Thus you will not notice its flavor and will add a good amount of protein and fiber to the recipe, besides giving creaminess.

You can cook different types of vegetables and, when they are already cold, freeze them in small bags. In this way you can use much faster and more comfortably whenever you want to make the cream. Once beaten all, nor notice.

The creamed vegetables and legumes are an ideal option for dinner, especially if we want a satisfying and nutritious dish that helps us have a balanced weight.

We provide the required amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fiber. If add a stream of extra virgin olive oil also get the optimal amount of healthy fat.

Assorted casseroles

A few decades ago it was very common to prepare dishes with ingredients that I had, they used to be potato, legumes, and vegetables and when they could, some meat.

Pulses were and are a cheap and very healthy ingredient to add to our stews. Today we can make them with cereals (rice, millet, quinoa, etc.), meat or fish and different kinds of sauces and spices.

If we add to our stew a little cumin will facilitate digestion and avoid gas.

One of the best vegetables that are in stews is peas. Many people consider peas as a vegetable. However, there are only vegetables, but they have many properties and are digestible.

Cold cream appetizer

We have certainly heard of hummus, chickpea cold cream that is a very healthy and delicious appetizer to accompany with toasted bread or raw vegetables cut in the form of bars.

We can produce cold creams with any vegetable, beating them well and adding the following ingredients:

  • Lemon juice
  • Garlic
  • Fine sea salt
  • Vinegar
  • Cumin powder
  • Paprika
  • Olive oil
  • Water (if we want a more liquid texture).

The original recipe of hummus also carries tahini (sesame cream) to give a touch of flavor and lots more creaminess. We can also add to our customized recipes.

Sponge Cake

People who cannot eat gluten know very well, since it is possible to make a cake with chickpeas instead of flour.

The secret is to add melted chocolate mass, to disguise the taste of vegetables, and beat everything well. The result will be a delicious cake much more nutritious and healthy chocolate. This is ideal for sweet as breakfast or snack.

Savory crepes

Chickpea flour, which can be purchased in many supermarkets, has the advantage that it does not need to be added egg when making many recipes. In fact, in many vegan recipes it used precisely for this reason.

This flour is excellent for coating and to prepare simple savory crepes.

We just have to mix the chickpea flour with enough water to make it a liquid texture, but with consistency, and make them to the pan with a few drops of oil.

If we want to give a touch of flavor to the dough we can add a little curry, paprika or herbs, plus salt.

We can prepare delicious savory crepes with cheese, avocado, tuna, boiled egg, mayonnaise, etc.

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