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5 Top Health Benefits of Orange

5 Top Health Benefits of Orange

We all know the importance of incorporating both the fruit and vegetables to our meals, and promptly speak to you today a fruit; Orange benefits.

Orange is known as one of the most popular around the world, its savory taste and the fact that fruit is in season always make it a fruit by choice.

Vitamins Containing Orange

Oranges are grouped into two types: sweet and bitter. In addition to its rich taste, orange contains nutrients worthwhile to incorporate a healthy diet, such as vitamin A, B1 and C. One orange provides 100% of required vitamin C daily.

But while they are a great source of amino acids, potassium, calcium, iron and sodium. An orange gathers around 170 nutrients that have been proven to have



Antioxidant properties.

Due to its high antioxidant and vitamin C content, the orange has proven to be one of the best fruits to promote optimal health.

Health Benefits of Orange

A compound found in orange and other citrus fruits known as D-limonene has proven effective in preventing cancer, such as skin, breast, lung, mouth, and colon cancer. In turn, the high content of antioxidants help protect cells from damage from free radicals.

Lower Cholesterol:Meanwhile, another compound called hesperidin has proven useful for lowering cholesterol. Its content is more abundant in the peel than in the pulp. This same compound hesperidin, by the magnesium helps to lower high blood pressure.

Keep Heart Healthy: As if that were not enough, the Orange also has benefits for the heart, contain fiber, folate and hesperidin, which promote the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. Eating an orange a day helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

Relieve Arthritis pain:Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, oranges help relieve arthritis pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. Being a great source of folic acid, this fruit helps the proper development of the brain.

Enhace Immunity:The high content of vitamin C stimulates production of white blood cells, enhancing the immune system.

Reduce Kidney Stone:Regular consumption of orange juice has been proven effective in reducing kidney stones.

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