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5 ways to reduce Jowls and Neck tone

5 ways to reduce Jowls and Neck tone

There are natural and simple ways which can reduce jowls and get toning the neck of a fast, but to carry it out we must first know what are the causes of sagging neck skin and why the double chin appears, as it is also known problem jowls.
Gill is an accumulation of fat and lipids that are located under the chin along the entire neck, so besides being annoying to those who suffer, often cause security problems since the appearance of the neck and chin they are unsightly.
It is from adulthood when more begin to appear and does not distinguish between men and women. So if we want to reduce jowls we can resort to a series of exercises as well as help to tone the neck, achieve to eliminate all those accumulated fatty tissues. First of all, let’s see what the reason fats accumulate in this area of the body.
Why Gill appears?
Gill may be the trigger that we are not taking a proper diet or took an overly sedentary lifestyle. It is in overweight or obese where jowls, diseases that generally are preceded by a series of bad habits such as sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and excessive consumption of snuff among other causes that generate fat accumulation more appears in stomach and other body parts.
Exercises to tone the neck and reduce jowls
Both the face and neck are composed of dozens of muscles that are responsible for the skin that covers them is smoother, wrinkles disappear and to reduce the amount of fat located in that area. Performing these exercises we will see below will achieve tone the neck and thus reduce jowls, with all different types of gill, since in the exercises try to tone muscles to tighten skin.
First exercise
Try to keep your back straight and fully closed while the mouth, tongue, perform a circular motion in the direction of clockwise on the upper palate. By performing ten repetitions of exercise three times a day will exercise all those muscles that will help you tone your neck.
Second exercise
Put yourself sitting or sitting up straight and more relaxed way you can. Now, you must pronounce much exaggerated mouth opening everything you possible the five vowels of the alphabet. Repeat this process ten times each day, this exercise will work style your neck and the lower part of the chin helping significantly reduce double chin, but you should be aware.
Third exercise
Stand on a chair, his back as straight as you can and with arms crossed. Try to stretch your neck forward until its peak and turn the neck to the left or right slowly. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and then look ahead with his neck stretched as ever. Returns to maintain the same position two seconds and repeat with the opposite side.
Doing this exercise 10 times on each side will succeed in reducing the jowls and we exercise every muscle that influences the neck skin to remain smooth and firm.
Fourth exercise
Make an inverted smile, trying to keep tense neck muscles and repeat ten times.
Fifth exercise
The good thing about this exercise is that it can be performed at virtually any time of day. This is chewing gum (using a natural product), which will help the muscles of the face and neck work steadily.
These are the exercises for the muscles of the face and neck more efficient, which will be very useful to reduce jowls, although there are many other habits that influence more directly.
Hydration helps tone the neck
To tone the neck is very important to keep skin hydrated, which can be achieved by applying moisturizer every day in the area where we want to fight jowls. In addition, fruits and vegetables are foods that should always be present in our diet, as they are natural antioxidants that help skin look firmer.

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