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6 Boxing benefits for your health

6 Boxing benefits for your health

If you think of boxing as an aggressive or violent sport, this article will make you change your mind, and that is that if ever they are centers where you can practice it, is for something.

Apart from competitive boxing, combat sport has many followers among those who want to improve their health and fun, looking prioritizes their benefits and decrease training system minimizes the risk of injury.

Every day, your body is subjected to too much stress (family problems, work, couple …), which creates discomfort in your body that can lead to severe headaches, muscle spasms, discouragement … Practice boxing will help you eliminate it, and whatever relaxes hit the sack, high aerobic component force you to generate large numbers of happiness hormones (endorphins), which will produce in you a great feeling of comfort and euphoria.

Increase your resistance

By having an important aerobic load, as mentioned in the previous section, it helps you improve your aerobic capacity and your movement, as well as anaerobic endurance, as many of his moves are made at the maximum possible speed.

Work your whole body

Boxing will make you work your entire body; from the chest and triceps (hitting) until the deltoid muscle (to protect your face with your fists), quadriceps (to move), abdominal and lower back muscles (to dodge attacks).

Improve your agility

Boxing improve your agility and your coordination, because every shot has its technique, position and speed of execution.

Say goodbye to insecurities and complex

If you’re an insecure person herself, practice boxing will help you stop being so. Acquire practice and be able to perform more complex combinations, you will receive a high dose of satisfaction very difficult to describe. Also, if you’re shy and solo practices, you can also overcome your shyness. Buy boxing gloves and boxing bag and start today.

Lose weight and define your muscles

Finally, you should know that boxing is one of the sports that more calories are spent. While walking at a normal pace burns about 0.1 calories per minute, practicing boxing calories burned about 0.22 in the same period. This is because all your muscles are involved in it, and the aforementioned combination of aerobic and anaerobic work.

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