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6 Incredible Benefits of Ice Massage

6 Incredible Benefits of Ice MassageToday ice massage, a form of fairly common cryotherapy, is one of the therapies that are most used by physiotherapists. This massage technique uses ice as ice cubes elements that help reduce pain and inflammation in damaged tissues. It is applied so that massages or mobilizes the tissues of your body to promote healing.

This type of therapy besides being inexpensive and very easy handling, health professionals decide to choose this technique due to various reasons such as reducing pain, inflammation and swelling also muscle tissue.

When ice massage is done, the patient may perhaps experience different sensations in your body, such as the intense cold also pain and analgesia. Generally burning sensations and pain pass quickly after a few minutes

Keep in mind that a longer phase pain can occur if the surface massaged is very large or if the body responds in a hypersensitive manner. By using this technique the body temperature does not drop more than 15 degrees Celsius, which makes the risk of damage to our skin is fairly minimal

Benefits of ice massage

1- Bright Skin:

When applying ice cubes in the skin, these help improve blood circulation, which gives the skin a natural, healthy glow. To give an extra shine you can apply ice cubes fruit juice

2- Reduce Stains:

Ice cubes help reduce redness and swelling of spots and pimples. For this simply apply for a few seconds few ice cubes on the stain or acne until it becomes numb.

3- Reduce Dark Circles:

You can use a combination of cucumber juice and rosewater, which you can use when frozen at the bottom of your eyes, in the place where you have dark circles. With this will reduce the swelling that occurs long night or bad sleep activities.

4- Skin Tone:

Ice cubes are thrifty softening and toning. It can be used before dedicating makeup, because makeup pores are narrow down the volume, leaving the base smooth and flawless makeup.

5- Substitute Makeup:

If you simply do not possess the time to apply makeup, you can fix this by applying ice cubes wrapped in a piece of cloth to your skin. Will give a fresh look without resorting to makeup

6- Avoid Wrinkles:

This ice massage on face delays the appearance of wrinkles and relieves symptoms of aging.

Important Tips Ice Massage

1- Ice massage is done without wrapping the ice in cloth, but gloves are recommended to hold it properly.

2- Should not use an ice just take it out of the freezer? The extreme cold can be bad for your skin.

3- If the cold during the massage becomes uncomfortable, stop the massage.

4- You can choose to make ice cubes using lemon juice, green tea, cucumber, rosewater and other skin friendly ingredient.

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