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6 Reasons why Children do not want to eat

6 Reasons why Children do not want to eat

Children generally are not “crafty” because if they have a motive and reason why refuse food. A revolutionary program created by Dr. Irene Chatoor called IMFeD (acronym in English) proposes that there different reasons for children not want to eat.

Irene Chatoor discovered that one of the causes of these disorders was directly related to parents or who cares for the children. One of the first signs of this is that when the food has become a battle between parents and children. It is also important to identify children as they grow older they need less energy, leading to that can stop eating as before. All cases are solvable, though some with more work than others. It also influences the age at which treatment is started, because it may only take a single session or more.

6 Main Causes are as follows:

Poor appetite due to chronic disease: are infants or preschoolers who do not eat because they have an associated disease. The treatment in this case is part of the main disease.

Fear of food: The child will have an appetite but due to a traumatic event, usually associated with pain, afraid to eat. Treatment is basically psychological and the pair of parents to remove these traumas.

Poor appetite by an altered perception of parents: This means that we as parents believe that eats little when they are actually eating the right amount for their age, altering the perception of the child and generating stress. This is where parents must work together and understand what the real needs of our children.

Highly selective food intake: There are children who have a high sensitivity to scents, colors, flavors, textures, appearances, etc. They know what they like and do not, and clearly, it is difficult to convince them to try. As a tip to help these children is to intensify the flavor by seasoning from oregano to the chili.

Poor appetite in a fundamentally strong child: Children are happy, playful; enjoy life in general like more play than eat. In this case, as tip it is to look the way they calm down, sit in the high chair without distractions such as TV, toys, etc. It is also important to warn before eat, so will lower revolutions and feel appetite.

Poor appetite in an apathetic and withdrawn child: It may be that this child who does not feel like eating has depression, poor appetite being part of the symptoms. The problem that arises is that these children cannot go to the doctor for malnourished but for other diseases such as pneumonia and then note that they are very thin.

When going to a specialist?

  • The first and most important thing is not panic, and do not eat what you should eat according to what indicated in the office or not eat what mom or grandmother want to eat?
  • Are you more interested in exploring the world, play and eat almost anything?
  • Is very selective?
  • Do you eat few things and only in certain preparations?
  • Do you mind walking to such bare foot in the sand or loud noises?
  • He is sick? (Many children stop eating when they feel sick and then recovered the desire to eat to feel better) you have had a traumatic experience regarding food?
  • Is withdrawn, no smiles, no eye contact with their parents or caregivers?

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