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6 super simple exercises to get some abs of steel

6 super simple exercises to get some abs of steel

If you want to train your abdomen to lose fat located in that area because you become complacent or because you want to feel healthier, do not worry, everything has remedy, and with only 10 minutes a day you will have a toned body and a flat stomach. Save a little time to do this routine and soon you will notice.

The belly and buttocks are a very important part of our anatomy, and we love being at ease with them, no matter what season we are in. And if in addition to save time, you want to motivate yourself or inspire you in the body of some of the famous with the most toned bodies, or whose turgid innards are known by everyone, here we leave some of our selection.

  1. Compact abs

Lie on your back, your back pressed to the ground. Then flex your legs by bringing them as close to your trunk as possible, so that your feet touch your glutes. Try to keep your feet perpendicular to the ground. It is important that you exercise that control over your feet, as this helps to keep that area in tension.

Cross your arms over your chest, and keep your head up. Now that you have the posture, tighten the muscles of the abdomen and get ready to start the exercise. It is as simple as lifting your chest without losing your posture. Something like a more intense abdominals. It starts with runs of 8, and performs a pair. As soon as you take it easy, it will become one of your star exercises. Combine it with these others and exercises and you will see results right away.

  1. To the pedals

Stand as if you were doing crunches on a crunches mat: lie on your back, your back as close to the ground as possible, your elbows as wide as you can. He then places his legs flexed, forming a right angle, the famous squared position. Keep the soles of the feet straight to exert more tension and remember to keep your eyes on a fixed point of the ceiling.

  1. Crunches

Lie on your back, place your palms on the back of your neck, and open your elbows. Here you must also try to keep your feet flat.

Now, bend your right leg, bringing your knee to your belly. Take off the back of the floor, and try to make the left elbow touch the right knee. After doing this, change your leg and elbow, but remember that they must always be opposite extremities.

Repeat the exercise alternating each time one side, and do sets of 8, for a couple of times. Once you have mastered it, you can do more repetitions.

  1. Raised leg

Lie on your stomach with your legs stretched out, and place your hands on your head, opening your elbows well. Now, tighten your thighs, and raise one leg while you take in air. Then he tries to lower his leg, but without touching the ground. While lowering your leg, you must expel the air. On this occasion, you should leave your feet relaxed. It is very important that during this exercise and its repetitions, do not lift the hip. This is a core work of our body. Repeat this posture with each leg, 10 times, and increase as you dominate.

Before continuing with more exercises, it is necessary to remember that a balanced diet is essential for a firm and deflated abdomen. If you want some tips in this regard, try some of these high fiber foods that will help you have a perfect belly.

  1. The bridge

We are back on our back, but this time, you must keep your arms close to your body. Bend your knees, but do not let your feet off the floor. Then lift the pelvis until you lift your body and only the shoulder blades and arms are flat on the floor. More or less, this figure resembles a bridge, hence its name. It goes up and down in batches of 8.

  1. The cat

Stand on all fours, so that your body forms only right angles. Make sure your arms are parallel to each other and that your legs do too. Surely you already know this exercise, but it will be of great help to reinforce your belly, and in step to reposition your back.

Once you have the posture, with your back straight, keep your knees and your hands firm and anchored to the ground, and now proceed to arch your back. Imagine that you are a cat and that you erect your column before any danger. After arching your back, return to the previous position and keep it straight. Repeat the exercise in as many as 10. While doing this, it is very important.

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