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6 Symptoms of a problem in the Pancreas

6 Symptoms of a problem in the Pancreas

80% of cases of pancreatitis are mainly due to gallstones and some bad habits, such as high fat intake and excessive alcohol consumption.
The pancreas is a vital organ in our body. Knowing the symptoms of a malfunction of it, we can help many times to anticipate a more serious problem. Pancreatitis alters many of our digestive functions, and sometimes is associated with poor eating habits.
The pancreas is located behind the stomach and is responsible for producing enzymes, such as insulin and glucagon. They are essential for digestion, reach the small intestine and hence favor synthesizing food. An alteration of this organ causes very serious effects; these same enzymes sometimes turn against the same body and may end up attacking him.
How do I know I have a problem in the pancreas?

1. Pain
The pain occurs in the upper abdomen and behind the stomach. Remember that the trouble appears just on the left side, below the ribs, and a burning sensation. This pain can be clearer right after eating, or drinking. It is more pronounced even if we have eaten foods with a high fat content. The pain is more intense when we lay face up. The pancreas feels oppressed and discomfort is more acute. The pain radiates to behind the back or below the left shoulder blade.

2. Fever
Enzymes that are attacking the pancreas, cause inflammation, and consequently, it is common to have some temperature. When you feel pain or discomfort, do not forget to take your temperature. If you have a mild fever, see your doctor. He who discard and make you leave doubts, because sometimes, these symptoms may be associated with other conditions will be.

3. Nausea
They can be with or without vomiting. Our digestive system is altered, the food is not digested well, the pancreas is inflamed… Usual feel discomfort.

4. Headache
It is common to feel tired, irritable, have difficulty concentrating and suffer sudden headaches. All this is because our immune system is under attack and the effects of this weakness are felt immediately.

5. Weight Loss
Synthesize bad food, we do not get the proper nutrients because our pancreas, or is obstructed by gallstones or is being destroyed by its own enzymes. It is normal for people who have a disease associated with this body, begin to lose kilos despite eating as before.

6. Tachycardia
Heartbeat, we get tired easily and tend to breathe faster. This is because our body may be weakening our immune system no longer has the right energies and forces the heart to breathe faster. We drown and our pulse is abnormal. You must take this into account.

What causes pancreatic diseases?
Statistics tell us that 80% of pancreatitis is mainly due to gallstones and some bad health habits. Gallstones for example, block the ducts and prevent the pancreas to fulfill its role.
With regard to food, high fat intake and alcohol, just damaging this organ of an unstoppable way, hence we should have it in account. Other causes that can affect are for example the actual failure, lupus, cystic fibrosis and the consumption of some drugs.

How I can take care of my pancreas?
• Limit consumption of sugar and refined flour
• If you smoke, stop this addiction. It is essential to prevent such pancreatic cancer.
• Avoid alcohol. According to nutritionists consume a glass of wine a day can be healthy, but if we leave that dose continuously, and commit excesses, the effect on our pancreas is immediate. Avoid it for the sake of your health.
• Eat foods high in fiber, especially whole grains.
• Avoid eating red meat.
• Consumes especially cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, watercress and brussels sprouts. They are ideal to take care of our pancreas and prevent cancer.
• Avoid fat
• Protein intake is essential to treat and prevent diseases of the pancreas, try to always come from vegetables and fish. If you eat meat, It is healthier and have less fat.

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