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6 tips to become more fit

  1. 6 tips to become more fit Make your accounts

When you start with a detox and weight loss plan, you should pay attention to some important numbers: your current weight, your body fat percentage, your basal metabolic rate (which tells you the energy your body needs when it is at rest) and your level of physical activity.

By doing these calculations, you are going to estimate the number of calories you need daily to maintain your weight. From there, you get to realize how many calories you should stop consuming taking into account your goals, distributing them for the 3 macro nutrients, protein, carbohydrates and fats. As time passes, your body and your energy needs will change and you must control those changes and make the necessary adjustments to your calorie intake and portions of macro nutrients.

  1. Choose wisely

A process of weight loss implies that your muscle mass is kept to the maximum, because in this way your metabolism will be optimized.

How to maintain mass at the same time that we lose fat?

If you want to reduce fat without losing too much muscle mass, you will need to feed your body well. Run away from processed foods and try to fill your fridge with lean meats, fish, eggs, vegetables. Dried fruits and seeds are perfect snacks, as they provide good sources of healthy fats, being highly satiated. However, given their caloric index, they should be consumed in a controlled manner.

  1. Do not skip any food

The days following Christmas are a real mess; we never know how to start the process. In fact, it can be very complicated for someone who does not follow a healthy diet plan, but the idea is simple: you just have to go back to your diet routine, taking into account some principles.

As a rule, if we expose our body to a phase of excessive restriction, seeking to get rid of the weight quickly, we will not have good results. It is very probable that we enter an endless cycle of phases of restriction and excess, since our body always seeks a way to “revenge” when we starve. Instead of trying to resolve the wrong done drastically cutting the calories in the following meals, simply and simply, go back to your normal eating plan.

  1. Reduce consumption of carbohydrate sources

When we talk about reducing carbohydrates, we do not mean elimination, since they are one of the most important nutrients of our diet and our main source of energy for physical activity. It is proven that a diet plan that includes good sources of complex carbohydrates (oats, quinoa, sweet potato …) in adequate amounts, and definitively excludes sugars, allows us to reach the desired weight and, best of all, maintain it.

By reducing the amount of carbohydrates and maintaining a low-moderate intake of “good hydrates”, we are able to regulate our insulin levels and prevent fluctuations in insulin secretion, maximizing the periods of fat burning and elimination of fluids from our body.

A successful weight loss diet plan typically includes large amounts of low-carbohydrate vegetables, about 2 to 3 pieces of fruit per day, and an adequate supply of carbohydrate sources like rice, bread, pasta and potatoes.

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