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7 Scientific Reasons that Sex makes you Beautiful

7 Scientific Reasons that Sex makes you Beautiful

It can be a daily action of married life; however, its effect on health goes beyond the pleasure generated by orgasm. The benefits of sex extend even to the emotional area.

According to a study by the Brennan Charnetski and experts, “Feeling Good is good for you”, sexual activity (mainly orgasm) reduces stress due to the release of oxytocin; but this advantage can be the field of beauty?

Among the benefits of sex is the highlight beauty, mainly women, but how does it happen?, information specialist Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic, offers seven reasons why you should intensify your lovemaking with your partner:

Outside makeup

If you spend 15 minutes a day to sex, blush your cheeks naturally, your lips have that red makes them sexy and your skin will be brighter. This is because during sex vasodilatation occurs.


Sex increases blood flow and makes the skin look younger because good blood circulation brings nutrients and oxygen necessary to the skin to prevent wrinkles and skin suffering from problems like spots and dermatitis.


Sex can also contribute to healthy hair. Roizen says that each hair follicle has a blood vessel, and blood flow is an important determinant of both internal and external beauty.

Build Confidence

Having sex regularly increases confidence. Sex also boosts testosterone, which can give a sense of well-being, fitness and self confidence, both men and women. Trust is one of the features that can most make a person beautiful.

Avoid wrinkles

This activity releases stress, a factor in creating wrinkles. To have an orgasm the woman has to learn to relax and breathe, when this happens with some frequency, the calming effects that this generates accumulate and combat stress. Of course this will impact you’re not worried and therefore wrinkles “concern” that appear with this evil will not notice.

Tone your body

It is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that not only improves your appearance but your mood.

Avoid dark circles

Sexual liberation can help you sleep. Orgasm produces oxytocin and endorphins volume that can act as sedatives, this according to a study presented in the Journal of Human Sexuality.

The field is not only sexual health source also pleasure, provided there is respect and trust between the couple. Beware!

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