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7 tips to avoid sweating during the summer

Excessive sweating is a concern of many during the summer season. The constant feeling of moisture in the body, bad odors and stains on clothing are just a few of the problems that must be faced. The high temperatures that characterize the summer can cause sweating problems that affect the comfort of those who suffer. In addition to the restlessness to prevent others from noting the problem, the constant feeling of moisture in the body, bad odors and stains on clothing is added to it. Putting a brake on excessive sweating requires strict care in both clothing and food, but it is not an impossible task.

  1. Shower Daily

Taking a shower every day will keep your armpits cool, leaving no residue of sweat on the skin. It is important to keep in mind that only antibacterial soap should be used because sometimes the common ones produce perspiration.

  1. Use Antitranspirantes

Apply anti-stressants in the morning and at night throughout the axillary area. In this sense, you can choose between various formats like bar, gel or spray, the important thing is that it fulfills its protective function and leaves no stains on your clothes.

  1. Wear adequate clothing

Synthetic fabrics are a bad choice as they tend to prevent the passage of air into the axillary area causing sweat to build up. Try to wear cotton or natural fibers so that the body can be ventilated.

  1. Regularly Depilate

The hairs increase the heat and therefore the moisture of the armpits. Depilate regularly if you are a woman and if you are a man it is also advisable to keep your hair as short as possible.

  1. Do not over coat

Putting on more clothes than necessary prevents the body from venting properly. Doing so will cause your body to increase temperature and excessive perspiration. In addition, the sweat will not evaporate given the lack of air and will stay on the skin.

  1. Drink much water

When the body is permanently hydrated, the body temperature is balanced and the body is prevented from releasing heat in the form of perspiration. Consuming water will always keep you fresh and free from the annoying sweat.

  1. Avoid foods that cause sweating

During the summer, it is advisable not to consume very spicy foods, citrus and hot drinks.

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