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8 Benefits of Chicken and its Properties

8 Benefits of Chicken and its Properties

Chicken benefits for health are innumerable. It is a low bird in fat and calories and high in protein, which makes it ideal for weight maintenance. Not to mention the chicken is full of nutrients and essential vitamins.
Furthermore, with so many ways to prepare chicken, it’s hard to get tired of it. Eating chicken is definitely a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy the food. We leave you with 8 of the benefits of chicken and its properties:
Properties of Chicken:
• For every 100g
• Calories 195 kcal
• Protein 30 g
• Fat 7.7g
• 2.2 g saturated fat
• Carbohydrates 0 g
• Proteins
Chicken is a lean protein source of low fat. Chicken protein is excellent for muscle growth and development, and help to support a healthy body weight and lose weight.

Properties of chicken
The chicken, like turkey, is rich in an amino acid called tryptophan, which gives the comforting feeling after eating a big bowl of chicken soup. In fact, if you feel depressed, eat some chicken will increase serotonin levels in the brain, improving our mood.
Bone Loss
When we get older, and especially if we continue to exercise, our bones become worn. The chicken will help us in the fight against bone loss by injecting protein that contributes to our body.
Chicken, too, is rich in phosphorus, an essential mineral that nourishes our teeth and bones as well as the kidneys, liver and maintain the function of the central nervous system level.
Also, it is a bird with great amount of selenium, an essential mineral involved in the performance of our metabolism and immune system. There are not many foods that have large amounts of selenium, which gives greater value to the chicken.
Vitamin B6 encourages enzymes and cellular metabolic reactions (or a process known as methylation), which means eating this bird to maintain healthy blood vessels, high energy levels, and metabolism burning calories so you can handle a healthy weight and activity level.
Eye Health
The chicken has a high amount of retinol, alpha and beta-carotene, lycopene and all derivatives of vitamin A, which are essential to enable us to have a proper eye health.
Many of us are concerned that we cracked lips, we get sores on the tongue or, simply, the skin is too dry us. However, the chicken is extremely rich in riboflavin (vitamin B2 o), found in chicken liver, allowing us to drastically reduce skin problems and repair dry or damaged skin.

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