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8 Makeup Tips for summer season

8 Makeup Tips for summer season

Orange, fuchsia, blue and green are the most favorable colors for almost all skin tones. I know the makeup tips for this summer.

Take care of your skin: The most important thing for the makeup of the next summer season is the skin, so the main advice is to take care of it, this way you will not have to use bases and heavy correctors to cover imperfections. Use natural mosturizer and mosturizer for summer.

Color Explosion: The trend is vibrant colors like orange, fuchsia, blue and green, but if you do not cheer up, make up “nude” is still an excellent choice.

To tone the skin: If you want to look tan, use matt or satin toners. It is preferable to use toners instead of exposing yourself to the sun, as the skin may become cloudy, dry or even in the worst case have an allergic reaction.

How to illuminate our features: Use illuminators to give light. The illuminator can be applied anywhere on the face, always taking into account the shape of your face. In general all favors them if it is applied in the area of ​​the cheekbones and in the arch of the eyebrows.

Enhance the lips: If you want to highlight your lips, the colors that are used are fuchsia and coral in all its ranges. In this season, the trend is that they are matt finish, so if you opt for these shades do not use gloss over.

Highlighting the eyes: For those who prefer to highlight their eyes this summer, they have two options: 1. to bet on the smokey eyes look in the range of blues and metallic tones.

  1. Play with vibrant colors like green, turquoise coral and fuchsia.

Important: It is important to keep in mind that if you highlight your eyes, the makeup of your lips should be smoother and if you highlight your lips, a good outline, imposing lashes and an illuminator are enough to make up your eyes.

Combine the colors well: One thing to keep in mind is that your makeup always has to match the dress, shoes or accessories you use for your look.

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