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8 Tips to apply the base on face with perfection

Many women have a love-hate relationship with the makeup base. We love being able to create an appearance of impeccable and unblemished skin. But most of the time we hate to see that we wear it. For this reason, we explain how to correctly apply the makeup base, but keep in mind that it will be essential to have a foundation of natural looking makeup.

1. Start with an impeccable face

Your makeup base will only look like the skin, if you keep a beautiful skin, for this a correct beauty routine is key. Just before applying the foundation, it is important to clean the skin well to help prevent clogged pores and to remove any dirt that may be hampering your natural glow. Next, you should gently exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells that may create uneven or scaly skin. Finally, you should apply a moisturizer, the makeup base melts much better on hydrated skin. (Think of how a wet sponge absorbs water more easily than a dry sponge.)

2. Take the time to prepare

Okay, it’s true that preparation can add an extra step to your makeup routine, but it’s a way to make sure your foundation looks impeccable, because it turns your skin into a perfectly smooth surface. If you have skin problems such as redness, shine or uneven pigmentation, applying a preparation to correct imperfections and help equalize your tone, will make your skin look much more real.

3. Be cautious

Always start by applying a small amount of makeup base and then add more until you have the correct coverage. The goal is to apply makeup base only where you need it, so that your skin looks natural. And let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than ending up with a face hardened by makeup base.

4. Work from the center of the face out

Concentrate the makeup base in the center of your face where the redness and spots tend to be more problematic and visible. Apply a brush on each side of the nose, in the center of the forehead and chin, then see blurring and extending the base covering outwards. After extending all the makeup, identify any other area of   the face where the spots are visible and apply another light layer of makeup base in that specific area.

5. Press lightly, do not rub.

Whether you are using a brush for the makeup base (those with synthetic hair are the best) or the fingertips, apply the foundation in a stippled movement with slight touches. Avoid any movement in which you rub the skin, since this way, you move the foundation and you can make marks in the form of stripes. I like to gently press the base of makeup on the skin, the heat of the fingertips helps the skin and the base of makeup melt. Another option: The Foundation Buff Brush for the make-up base, since it gently smoothes the base on the skin, and because it can be used with liquid formulas, loose powders, cream or stick.

6. Do not forget your ears!

We often miss the ears that are also a part of the face. If you are prone to have them red, gently brush the base of makeup on them so that they blend with the coloring of the face.

7. Apply it and you will not notice that you are wearing it

Most people associate the powder with a matte look with an artificial look but applying a silky fixative powder such as Blended Loose Powder will ensure that the makeup will not move, and that you will soften its finish. Dip a large, fluffy powder brush in the powder and then touch or shake the brush once to remove the excess product. You should be able to see the filaments of the brush through the dust. Gently apply them all over the face, using a greater amount in the areas where you usually have more shine, such as the T zone, the chin or under the eyes, only if necessary.

8. Apply the corrector only where necessary

If there are areas where the makeup base simply was not enough, such as dark circles, red spots or pimples, apply a concealer on them, then mix it with your skin and make-up base.

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