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8 Tips to Improve Your Yoga Practice

8 Tips to Improve Your Yoga PracticeWe have unique body structures and levels at which we can lean with variety. The good news is that the purpose of including yoga into your daily routine, is not to achieve perfect pitch, but is to achieve union between body, breath and mind. Get ready with these simple tips and stand on your mat with the attitude of a yogi.

  1. Respect the limits of your own body

Can you bring your nose to touch your knee in the position tilt forward? Some may more than others. Then lean far as you can. Love your body and respects the limits of your own body. You do not have to compare yourself to your neighbor or someone from television. You do not have to do exactly what the other person is doing. The rule is to remain stable and comfortable in yoga positions (asanas). Do not force too much or overdo it and not be lazy. Do as much as you can to feel comfortable and stable.

  1. Use the meter yogic smile

Do yoga with a feeling of joy. When you exaggerate at a stretch, the smile is the first thing you lose. If you’re not smiling, notice you’re not doing something wrong. Perhaps you are stretching too much or are not comfortable. Your body readjusts to take your smile back. With regular practice, you will find a big improvement. There is no need to be in a hurry, your mat you are not going to escape.

  1. Breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply or breathing practices ujjayi

The ujjayi breathing or deep inhalation and exhalation help relax and maintain posture. You can even use the breath to stretch during yoga posture (asana). Rest in the position and feel the stretch.

  1. Respect and honor your yoga practices

Yoga is not just an exercise. With regular yoga practice you can come to feel a deeper connection with yourself and others.

  1. Win the yogic attitude Internalizes

When practicing yoga, breathing exercises with specific rhythms connects us with the body. Keep the focus on where stretching is happening; this connects the body with the mind. The body breathes and mind together in harmony for the practice of yoga.

  1. Notes

What hand use most? In which foot you tend to lean more when you’re standing? Do you see your body; especially you use a part of the body more than the other?

  1. Meditate

Yoga postures (asanas) prepare you for meditation and meditation gradually deepen your yoga practice. Listen online guided meditation and follow the instructions to achieve effortless meditation.

  1. Practice yoga and yoga leads to practical life

Can you hold your hand to someone new? Can you remain stable and pain in breathing during difficult situations? (And you use your breath to stabilize the tough postures). Reflect on the 23 hours of life and not just during the hour of yoga practice. By this yoga it is a way of life and not simply an exercise.

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