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8 Ways to Pluck and Shape Your Eyebrows

8 Ways to Pluck and Shape Your Eyebrows

Plucking and shaping your eyebrows yourself without professional help


Cut thick eyebrows by brushing up and trimming the last millimeter of hair, and then down again to do the same.

Use the brush to comb the eyebrows shaped up. Trim any long hair that you have escaped or be resistant.

Use the clip to shave a few rows down, and big hair on top of the eyebrows, to achieve a style that maintains the natural shape of your eyebrows. Men seeking a natural style should shave a line of hair or two at most, and should not make any delineated.

Locate where your eyebrows should start in the middle of your face with an eyebrow pencil.

Hold the pencil vertically along the side of your nose. The inner edge of your eyebrows should start there. Tweeze the hairs that are beyond this limit, and repeat this with the other side.

Place the eyebrow pencil against the angle of your nose and tilt it so that it intersects with the angle of your eye and your eyebrow above.

Mark this point with a white eyebrow pencil is where your brow should end. Any remaining hair shaves beyond that mark. Repeat this step on the other side.

Mark the spot on your eyebrows directly on the outer corner of your iris with white eyebrow pencil. Tweeze from the inner corner of your eyebrows at this point, phasing out the hair until the highest point in your bow is where you put the mark.

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