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9 aspects that make you feel hungrier after eating

9 aspects that make you feel hungrier after eating

Often, even if we finish eating, we are still hungry, which can cause us to end up ingesting more calories from the bill. Although we are not aware of it, this is sometimes produced by a series of aspects that we ourselves are put into practice and that make us end up with more appetite.

Take note and avoid them. You will eat less like that.

  1. Watch out for French fries

If you suspected it, you were right. Fries, especially salads, are addictive and is that they put ingredients as salts that make us not be able to take only one. If you cannot stop and try to lose weight, you should not open them and, if possible, do not have them at home.

Only in this way will you avoid eating too much.

  1. Artificial sweeteners

Although it may seem that they are, the truth is that sweeteners are not healthier than sugar. Sweet processed foods also create dependency.

In the case of artificial sweeteners it has been shown that they do not activate the satiety alerts in the brain, which does the natural sugar, so you end up taking more.

A good solution is to sweeten your products naturally. You can do it with agave honey or the stevia plant.

  1. White bread and pasta

The processed flour lacks nutrients, so you have to eat more to feel satisfied.

In addition, white bread and pasta have a high glycemic index, which makes your insulin rise. Thus, it causes you more hunger and makes you want to eat sweet things. Therefore, the best option is to consume foods containing whole grains or combine the pasta or bread with protein.

Take them with cheese, chicken or beans to feel satiated and not eat more.

  1. Alcohol

If there is something fattening that is alcohol. And is that alcoholic beverages have many empty calories, diminish your defenses and do not control so much what you eat, so you can make you end up eating too much.

If you are going to drink, make sure it is on a full stomach and in moderation. Try also to drink carbonated water instead of another type of drink.

  1. Monosodium glutamate

Believe it or not, you ingest more monosodium glutamate than you think. It is an additive to improve the flavor widely used in China and has also begun to be used in the processed food industry. Create addiction to food. If you wondered why there is so much obesity today, look at the cans, the burgers restaurants and all the packaged food.

To avoid ingesting this ingredient it is best that you check the labels of the processed foods you buy to see if they contain or not monosodium glutamate.

  1. The processed food

The processed food in general, such as cakes, french fries, frozen pizza, etc. Contain high contents of salts, artificial sugars and other additives. These are the culprits that, when trying them, always want more. Try making your own desserts with the natural fruit candy. Try also to buy foods that are least processed possible. It is proven that by consuming less processed food, you quench before and decrease your craving for eating without stopping.

  1. Sweet cereals

Sugary cereals are filled with refined flours, and are not the best way to start the day, as they will cause rise and fall in blood insulin levels. And it is that it is detrimental to the metabolism to eat foods so rich in carbohydrates just when we wake up, since cortisol levels are high. With these elevated levels it is more difficult to metabolize the ingested sugars, which will make us feel tired and hungry.

Think very well before starting the day with cereals rich in processed sugar, because all they do is increase your desire to eat.

  1. Pizza

Have you ever wondered why you would always eat one more slice of pizza?

Pizza is a combination of dough made from refined flour, hydrogenated oils, processed cheeses and preservatives. This combination can have a very harmful impact on your blood sugar levels as well as the production of hormones that indicate satiety and in the regions that regulate hunger in the brain.

So, the only thing that manages to do is to increase the sensation of hunger.

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