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9 Ways You Can Use Lemon

9 Ways You Can Use Lemon

In addition to having multiple uses for home lemon juice can help settle the stomach and eliminate nausea and even get mineralized and reduce soreness after sport

Lemon is one of the most beneficial fruit you can find. The same goes for dressing salads to flavor fish or prepare water with numerous benefits.

But its uses do not stop there. In fact, it has been found that this fruit has many uses in the home. Try to get juice completely your lemons and take advantage of them to have a healthier life.

  1. Eliminate nausea

Whether you’re suffering from morning sickness pregnancy or a trip by car or plane the cause you are always annoying. With two drops of lemon oil squeezed ice cold on a sugar cube have enough.

Once you have prepared the sugar cube with lemon oil, wait for it to dissolve in your mouth. Within seconds nausea they have disappeared without any extra effort.

  1. Leave your gleaming silver

In many homes it is common to have silverware, especially when family inheritance. Therefore, use them and keep them in perfect condition is very important, like silver jewelry.

In this case you need to put ten lemon juices in a plastic container. Within this you must put your jewelry or covered with black spots.

Let stand and then pass them by warm water and dry with chamois leather. This procedure is much safer than the usual commercial chemical.

  1. Eliminate bacteria in your sponge bath

Have you ever thought what about your sponge bath after a few weeks of use? Believe it or not, moisture from the bathroom and removes bacteria that accumulates in your body.

This makes them a source of odors and some infections. Fortunately, you need not change your sponge every week. You just need disinfected once a month.

For this, seal 15 lemons juice and mix with hot water. In this combination enter your sponge and let stand for 24 hours. Upon removal you will be like new and you can use it as the first day.

  1. Repel ants

Do the ants have taken by assault your kitchen? Not sure you want between fruits or near your children. Likewise, surely the idea of ​​using chemical repellents not likes you at all.

In this case lemon peels used in areas where you see most often. Also be sure to place some shells near the places that come to your house.

It is likely that some ants have already been installed in your home. In this case, spray a little lemon juice directly on your usual way. This eliminates their pheromone trails and prevents others from entering.

  1. Keep your microwave clean

Many people tend to heat their soups and other foods in the microwave. The problem with this practice is that the furnace is filled with odors and food debris. A simple remedy is the natural lemon.

You can apply lemon drops in the sponge to wash the oven, while the soap. Another alternative is to place a cup of water with the juice of one lemon in a baking tray.

Turn on the oven a minute or two, so that the water evaporates therein. Then clean with a soft sponge.

  1. Natural Sunscreen

Have you ever wanted to get a tan but you cannot go to the beach? This no longer has to be a problem. You just need to prepare an infusion.


½ liter of water

3 green tea bags

Juice of half a lemon


Heat the water and, when it comes to a boil, add the three green tea bags.

Allows the decoction is performed for 10 minutes and add the lemon juice.

Let cool and apply it overnight. The next day you’ll have a tan skin tone without having to go to the beach.

Although this remedy is natural, it is best not to use it constantly. Because lemon is irritating, you might experience some discomfort on the skin with prolonged use.

  1. Disinfect health

The health and as often accumulate tartar over time is more difficult to remove. When you see this problem begins to emerge in your bathroom, use lemon oil.

A mixed with any spray tartar powder and two tablespoons of vodka teaspoon eliminate the problem. Combine all ingredients and let them act on your health from 10 minutes to half an hour.

Then wash as usual and get a clean bathroom with minimal effort.

  1. Removes red wine stains

One of the biggest fears for anyone is the red wine stains on clothing. This drink is difficult to remove with traditional soaps. Instead, the lemon is very effective and very fast will take your problem.

Before washing your garment, spread it, soak it and sprinkle on the stain. Then apply a little soap pasta and just above the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Let stand 10 minutes and rinse with boiling water.

Finally, wash as usual and watch the stains have disappeared.

  1. Eliminate the laces

Are you going to start an exercise routine after a long time? You can prove a new sport? Surely you fear the appearance of the annoying shoelaces. To remove them you only need to consume a glass of mineralized water with the juice of a lemon.

A couple of hours later the discomfort will be gone and you can move around with ease.

Follow these tips and leverages much more than lemon dressing.

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