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A daily Teaspoon Honey serves Weight Loss

A daily Teaspoon Honey serves Weight Loss

Honey not only helps to combat problems of cough, colds or promotes health of our skin, but also scholars have discovered that it is a great weight loss agent. Believe it or not, this news was made possible after a hard work of analysis between the pharmacist Mike McInnes and his son Stuart McInnes nuriòlogo.

Simply Incredible

In the book “The Hibernation Diet”, only one teaspoon every night is necessary for losing weight and controlling insomnia. “This food is almost perfect weight loss because it causes metabolic changes that lead to lose up to a kilo and a half per week.”

They report that the secret is to replace sugar with honey throughout the day and take a spoonful of honey diluted with warm water and cinnamon powder before going to bed. Thus sugar cravings can be turned off completely.

Why it works

Scientific theory is that a liver fed with honey would be the key to a good night’s sleep and there is evidence that lack of sleep causes obesity. In addition, honey also helps reduce the production of stress hormones and increases metabolism.

However, for the diet to work, they say it is necessary to completely eliminate sugar and processed foods, “even low-fat because they are often filled with hidden sugars and white flour that the body converts to sugar.” Some success stories that mention diet advocates are outstanding athletes such as British cyclist Chris Hoy and boxing champion Alex Arthur.

Ingredients and preparation

You only need:

  1. Hot water
  2. Honey
  3. Cinnamon powder


Boil a glass of water and add a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder. Take the infusion before bedtime and half an hour before breakfast.

Remember to consider the following recommendations:

– Change all sugar and sweeteners honey.

– Add honey in your coffee, yogurt, cereals, etc.

– You know that in order to lose weight, it is essential that you change your eating habits, until they are the healthiest possible. In that sense, you should avoid junk food, saturated fats, white flour and processed foods.

– Incorporates, fruits and vegetables in your diet.

– Avoid light products.

Reduces anxiety

Many women who have implemented these recommendations ensure that the diet have been diminished anxiety. Perhaps it may be due to the placebo effect; however, people with a history of colitis, should avoid this infusion because it could inflame the stomach.

Benefits of Honey

The following are other benefits you get by consuming honey.

– It is tonic brain because it is rich in iron, sodium and phosphoric acid, essential for nerve cells food.

– It’s invigorating helps revive, maintain jovial functions and organs of the body.

– Destroy toxins without damaging the kidneys or tissues.

– Promotes cell regeneration so it is widely used in cosmetic products such as creams, soaps and masks to banish wrinkles and nourish and refresh the skin. We are also found in many shampoos because it is a wonderful nutrient of the hair roots.

– The color of honey depends on the location and type of flowers where it is extracted.

– A great help for the optimal development of children and adolescents. Highly recommended for older adults.

– Auxiliary ideal in the treatment of anemia, fatigue, infections, some cases of diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc.

– Honey is rich in sulfur, copper, phosphorus, biotin, manganese, iron, vitamin A, B vitamins, potassium, and calcium.

Composition of honey

The nectar that bees collect from flowers and plants of the field results in a delicious and nutritious honey full of properties and health benefits

This consists mainly of 16 types of pre-digested sugars that make it a very noble food, easily assimilated and rapid action in the body, beating many foods in energy power.

In home remedies

Consume honey usual home remedies to eliminate asthma, coughing, hoarseness or sore throat. It is also used to relieve bruises, sprains and injuries as the cause cracks on the nipples of mothers who breastfeed. It also helps to soften the skin, reduce scars, and reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite. It is also advised to purify the blood and revitalize the brain. Do not hesitate to consume honey instead of refined sugar.

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