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Addiction of Food in Human

Addiction of Food in Human

It is meant by food addiction to the relationship of need and dependence on food intake.

The food addiction should not be confused with bulimia nervosa or binge eating with.

Food addicts seek to calm their anxiety through food. Many of them can eat large amounts of a particular food while others may be passed on by eating small amounts but without stopping.

In most cases addicted to food will also overweight. Usually in these people obsession with food, body image and weight appears.

Among the causes of this addiction are usually found emotional problems. Some people are not able to properly manage pain, anxiety, frustrations and found in food a kind of comforting satisfaction.

It is a difficult addiction to overcome without help because, for example, an alcoholic can avoid returning to face the alcohol but not addicted to food as food is necessary to live.

Treatment therefore should focus on the proper handling of the causes that gave rise and the creation of a new (healthy and balanced) item of food.

Apart from this, some foods can be more addictive than others making us feel the need to always have them at home to consume daily (although this is not a serious issue of food addiction). Among them are:

– Coffee: Having Caffeine is a natural stimulant and many people need coffee when get going in the morning. They also often those who need several cups of coffee during the day.

– Cola: It happens with them as with the coffee but also carry sugar can be quite addictive at times of “down”.

– Chocolate: Very addictive as well as being delicious contains many substances that are stimulating (caffeine and theobromine), antidepressants (phenyl ethylamine) and anxiolytic (carbohydrates and fats).

– Cheese: Cheese is also among the most addictive foods. It is believed to be due to its high casein content.

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