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Advantages of Facial Lymphatic Drainage

Advantages of Facial Lymphatic Drainage

The facial lymphatic drainage is relaxing and helps us calm down; eliminate stress, nerves and anxiety.

Sure at some point you’ve heard of the technique “lymphatic drainage” but did you know that you can also apply on face? It has multiple benefits. Do not hesitate to publicize the benefits of facial lymphatic drainage in this article.

What is lymphatic drainage?

Broadly speaking, we say that the body’s lymphatic system is responsible for dragging the molecules that accumulate in tissues, in order to bring the venous system and then to the excretory organs. Thanks to lymphatic drainage we can eliminate many toxins from the body. For this reason it is used, for example, after surgery.

It is also recommended for those suffering from fluid retention. Massage occurred at certain points of the body activates the lymphatic system, keeping it in good condition and stimulates the vessels and lymph nodes. For this reason, when the session is more than likely come out running to the bathroom to urinate.

Now, what is the facial lymphatic drainage? It is a manual massage technique with very soft and slow “pumping” movements. Small pressures are directed towards the lymph to remove toxins by natural means. From the face down to the deep neck lymph and then drained into the thoracic area.

The lymphatic drainage massage in general is very good for health and in particular, improves the facial skin condition. It is an amazing rejuvenating and slimming Face also because it eliminates excess fluids and toxins that accumulate in the tissues. In turn, promotes blood circulation and strengthens muscles.

If you feel tired, you’re not getting enough sleep or do not usually take the time for a facial, lymphatic drainage is an excellent idea. The appearance of fatigue, fine lines, dark circles and other marks that indicate little attention or care, as well as over time, may be in the past.

The skin begins to improve from the first session and she looks fresher, renewed, young, and smooth and with a more even tone. As if all this were not enough, relaxing facial lymphatic drainage it is to the recipient, making it an excellent technique also to reassure, eliminate stress, nerves and anxiety.

In most massage centers where there is peace and harmony offered,combined with scents, candles, instrumental music, etc. Therefore, it is an integral therapy that comes from wonders. It is important to note as well that only a qualified professional can perform lymphatic drainage, is the body or the face, because if it is wrong, could cause poor mobilization of toxins and clog the lymph, which may cause diseases or problems of health.

Advantages of facial lymphatic drainage

Some benefits of this technique are:

It is detoxifying.

Reduces eye bags and reduces dark circles.

Eliminates signs of fatigue

Deflates the face, to promote drainage of fluids

It improves circulation of blood and nutrients.

Repair cells and improves skin appearance.

Increases oxygen supply

Reduces acne scars and new outbreaks

It has sedative and relaxing, perfect for those suffering from stress, insomnia or anxiety effects.

Try scars.

Improved case of edema

Lymphatic drainage is not recommended for those with high blood pressure, rheumatism, asthma, lupus, cancer, arthritis, and thrombosis or thyroid problems.

How to draw facial at home?

Sometimes we read about very interesting and beneficial to the body and health in general techniques, but do not have the means to carry them out. While it is true that in the case of lymphatic drainage is recommended to go to a specialized center, we can help improve when we have a few spare minutes with personal massage table.

Try performing this massage routine that only takes 10 minutes. Remember to wash your hands and face thoroughly before you begin:

Starts forehead

In this area the oiliness of perspiration coming from the scalp accumulates. Place your hands on the front and stretched, with smooth movements of pressure and decompression,take them to the temple. Repeated three times

Continued on ears

Gently press the area located behind the leaflets to activate the lymphatic system with only three repetitions.

Now under the eyes

In the same place where those bags are formed as unsightly, pressing slightly. The exact point is the inner edge of the inner pálpebra. Use your index finger and slide slowly down to his temples. Repeat five times.

Then the eyelids

With the index finger presses the inner cavity below the eyebrows (where you maquillas with shadows). Temples slides three times.

Spend the nose and mouth

In the gaps that form between the nose and mouth pressed three times with his fingers and then slide to the base of the ears, also three times.

Next move: chin

Support your fingers in the center of the chin and slide them with slight pressure forming the outline of the jaw, to the earlobes. Repeat 3 times.

Finally, neck

The final part of your home lymphatic drainage begins at the base of the neck (under the chin). With the fingertips pressed carefully, the cavities are formed to the base of the neck, i.e. collarbone. In this way you will eliminate the blockage in the lymph nodes.

Repeat the entire series 3 times and, when finished, clean the face with warm water well and apply a moisturizer or skin tonic. Wait two or three days to do another session again.

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  1. Why is it not recommended for people with high blood pressure and or thyroid problems?

    • Dear reader thank you for your concern and question. Here is your answer:
      This massage therapy lowers the blood pressure.
      Long term consistent massage lowers the systolic and diastolic B.P
      reduce levels of cortisol in urine and salivary samples.
      A hypertensive if have this massage regulalry will feel a sudden disturbance in B.P WHICH IS DANGEROUS.
      It is only beneficial if hypertensive follow his dostor’s prescription while having massage.

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