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All You Must Know About Australian Parakeets

All You Must Know About Australian Parakeets

If you like birds, you will surely love the Australian parakeet. Great curious and playful, these little birds are ideal for anyone. Their upbringing is simple and, if you keep it in good condition, they can live for more than 15 years.

Native to Australia, these parakeets are the most common birds in the world. However, few know their incredible socialization skills with other birds as well as with people.

Australian parakeets are small animals known as ornamental birds for their bright colors. From the blues, which are the most common, to the harlequin variations or in violet, yellow and white shades. They can weigh up to 50 or 60 grams. They use their hooked beaks to chew, to break seeds, to climb or to grab on all sides.

To determine the genus of the bird, we should only see the wax that is above the peak. If it is blue or violet it is male and if it is earthy or cream it will mean it is a female. They are sociable animals, that is, living in groups. While they may live as a couple, it is important to keep in mind that they are not birds to leave alone, as they may become stressed or depressed and die.


Tireless inquisitive, these birds will play with everything they can find within reach. It is advisable that, in the cage where they live, we place swings and mirrors.

“The placement of mirrors in the cages of the Australian parrots is very important. The birds will think it is a window where there is another animal and try to interact with the reflection. As they are sociable animals, this keeps them entertained and active, “says veterinarian of exotic animals, Sally Canales.

Do not be surprised that as soon as the listeners interact. However, at night you have to cover them with a black blanket so that they know that it is time to sleep and rest for at least 8 hours.

Basic Feed

The base of the feeding of a parakeet is composed of cereals and seeds, generally for canary seed and oats, although at the moment they are sold in all the compound balanced bird-houses for these birds.

“We can also give those fruits, such as apple and pear pieces or leaves of green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach. It is important to know that if we give them these foods, we cannot leave them there for more than 4 hours, because they could ferment and make the bird sick “, warns veterinary Canales.

In addition to food, it is extremely important to place a calcium stone for them to peck. These animals have the bones of hollow wings and in the case of the females, when they put eggs of the air very often they can be descalcificar. We can also put a multivitamin for birds in the water.

Habitat and accommodation

Although they are small animals, this does not mean that they must live in a small space. If you have a pair of Australian parakeets, ideally they inhabit a cage of 60 x 60 x 40 cm. Size is important, because they must be able to fly within it. Also, as we mentioned, it is important to put toys. You can put the food in ceramic containers; these are more hygienic than those in plastic where they can grow moisture fungi.

In the cage tray you can put newspaper or recycled paper without ink. The cage should be placed in a quiet place, where birds receive maximum illumination, but never directly into the sun. An intermediate solution may be to put half a cage in the sun and a half in the shade. There should also be no permanent air currents or excessive humidity.

In winter, or when it is cold, you can put the cage inside the house without problems, and if you cannot, you should cover it with several blankets. To clean the cage it should be washed with a solution of bleach with three parts of water. This will disinfect the grids of any parasite or bacteria.

Breeding and production

In general, when you have a pair of Australian parakeets for some time, they establish a relationship. Their main ways of showing affection to one another are sleeping together and one dancing the other.

“If the owners do not want their birds to have babies, all they have to do is not put a nest. Many people put them in the cold or to sleep warmer, however, doing this is equal to giving them permission to reproduce, “warns veterinarian Sally Canales.

Finally, it is advisable that if one has these exotic birds they can find a veterinarian to take care of it properly. Giving you control every 6 months to wipe it off and provide you with all the comforts, both in food and in accommodation and fun, will make your Australian parakeets stay healthy and happy.

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