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Amazing Health Benefits of Basil

Amazing Health Benefits of Basil

Despite its small size the – native basil India and Asia is an aromatic plant that could classify as immense by its various benefits. Since ancient times he has used for multiple purposes, most of them culinary. However, today we tell you what it is basil in their medical uses.

Benefits of basil for digestive System

Major medicinal properties of basil because it contains a substance that inhibits the effects of different enzymes that cause inflammation of the digestive system. Its consumption helps relieve intestinal gas, stomach aches, flatulence and indigestion.

Immune system

Leaves and basil oil have antibacterial properties, so they are very effective in strengthening the immune system and fight infection in the body. It can be applied directly on injuries to counter attacks by viruses, fungi and bacteria, but also promotes ingestion cure colds, herpes, etc. This plant also has antibiotic properties: it eliminates a wide spectrum of bacteria of different species. It is recommended to add it to salads of vegetables, especially tomatoes and greens, with which blends well.


Apparently basil has antioxidant properties, since some of its compounds protect cells from free radicals, hence combat various cancers. Contains flavonoids and is a source of beta carotene, recognized agents that protect the body from oxidation processes.

Cardiovascular system

The various compounds of this plant antioxidants lessen the oxidation of cholesterol in the bloodstream, whereby prevents blockages in the veins, atherosclerosis and heart attacks occur. Furthermore, basil contains large amounts of magnesium, excellent nutrient for healthy cardiovascular system as it relaxes muscles and veins allowing better blood flow and therefore a regular heart rhythm.

Uses of basil for Fever

Basil is commonly used to reduce fever during different infections. Cardamom leaves are boiled and then gets some milk and sugar. This extract must be supplied cast every 2 or 3 hours.


Although not very known, basil can be used to reduce stress. Just take 12 leaves and chewing them twice a day. In addition to relaxing the nervous system, cleanses the body and prevents other diseases.


A good remedy for headaches is to prepare a decoction with basil leaves and boil until the liquid is reduced by half. It should take two tablespoons of water every hour.

Dental disorders

To prevent dental disorders is a good idea to dry the basil leaves in the sun and then make a powder that can be mixed with essential oils, clean teeth and massage them.

Basil is an excellent natural choice for the health of our body. Its flavor and aroma are wonderful. It’s actually very easy to grow in gardens and pots, so if you want you can have your own basil plants. If you allow me some advice, do not stop using it often in your home, both as a great food as medicinally, as we see, because its benefits are multiple.

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