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Anxiety Causes and How to Combat Anxiety

Anxiety Causes and How to Combat Anxiety

Anxiety is an automatic response emitted by the body to various circumstances, usually for fear of something that happens with the person at some point in their lives. The disease occurs in both emotional reactions and physiological disorders. It should be noted that anxiety is the best friend of stress; the person who has it increases your level of stress and this triggers a picture of anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety

The causes of anxiety come accompanied by a number of factors that range from problems that affect our personality and is passed on to the people we have around us.

  • Family problems (divorce, death, accidents)
  • Economic problems
  • Theft and loss
  • Labor problems (redundancies, incompatibility at work)
  • Alcohol
  • Consumption of drugs
  • Consumption of sleeping pills or stays excessively

How to Monitor and Combat Anxiety?

If you want to escape from anxiety, we have some guidelines to implement and gradually go banishing any situation that we generate tensions or concerns, we just have to read step by step each point and have a guide to follow.

  1. Give us some time: The first point we have to give us time to do new things; meditate, think for a minute and decide what we want and what we can do for ourselves. Study new things, looking to relax, watch a movie or go for a walk. Usually people have many things to do, like working, doing homework and fulfill responsibilities or obligations. But rarely we do something for us, out of the everyday routine and monotony brings.
  2. Detection of Anxiety: If you find that makes us anxious, either wait for someone, be worried, or being short times to the public; we just have to relax, take a deep breath and exhale slowly several times. After making this simple therapy we will be controlling anxiety.
  3. Check and adjust proper motions of anxiety: When we are anxious usually moves any part of the body, usually the feet or hands, repetitively and even sometimes frantic. Consider that our brain detects this movement and increases the strength of pace. We know regulate and calm down, detect early on that is part of our own anxiety and try to relax.
  4. Be ordered: If we keep an order with our chores can reduce certain points of anxiety in our daily lives whether at the office or in college. We always have to have all the tasks a day, so it does not accumulate in the delivery time.
  5. When to Say No: The problem with many people suffering from anxiety, sometimes we feel much strength and energy at work or in study centers and want to do everything, accept new tasks and missions that are attached to we are already doing or finishing. Often the urgent need to conclude makes us anxious.
  6. Control times: We have to reconcile times in our working hours and hours of study. We cannot be always at the computer or doing the same function for hours either at home or in the office. We must respect certain parameters; often our sense of sight and the excessive concentration wears us. We must plan our schedule during the day.
  7. Change methods of thinking: People who suffer from anxiety are usually those that are enclosed in a single problem, think and believe that everything is bound to go wrong and they all conspire against them. Just need to realize that perhaps their problems are solvable and must not give more importance than they actually have.

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