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Best Home remedies to heal cracked heels

There are times we spend a lot of time giving special care to our face, leaving our feet without proper attention. If what causes you cracked heels is the lack of hygiene, we have the solution to your problem. Your kitchen is where you will find the hidden treasures of …

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Walking faster is good for your health

Walking is an excellent activity for our health. Going out for a half hour a day can substantially change our physical condition, help us take care of our heart, activate our muscles, improve blood circulation, among other things. But it is not important only that we walk, but at what …

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Quinoa Properties, Benefits and Recipes

According to FAO and NASA, quinoa is an example of perfect food for the human diet with an ideal proportion of nutrients. We tell you about its properties, health benefits, how to cook it and some recipes with quinoa. Quinoa (Chenopodium Quinoa Wild) was a sacred plant for the Incas …

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8 Tips to apply the base on face with perfection

Many women have a love-hate relationship with the makeup base. We love being able to create an appearance of impeccable and unblemished skin. But most of the time we hate to see that we wear it. For this reason, we explain how to correctly apply the makeup base, but keep …

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Natural Cosmetics and its Advantages

Natural cosmetics have important advantages compared to industrial cosmetics. Advantages related to health, the environment, responsible consumption and the economic cost that will tip you in favor of the selection of treatments with natural cosmetics. More and more people are attracted to natural cosmetics. In some cases, because certain skin …

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