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Avoid 8 Things to Relieve Back Pain

Avoid 8 Things to Relieve Back Pain

Postural hygiene is fundamental in preventing backaches. We monitor our position both to sit, as the work or while standing. Back pain is a very common complaint in modern society, often derived from sedentary lifestyle and making other bad habits that harm the body. It may be mild form, but also get to become a constant condition with unexpected severe pangs that cause difficulty in movement.

Reports of the World Health Organization (WHO) show that at least one in ten people suffer frequently, but no one is safe to experience at some point in their lives.

In most cases it disappears spontaneously and its symptoms can be alleviated with the use of any type of painkiller. However, to alleviate it completely is important to avoid the practice of some habits that can worsen the condition.

This time we want to reveal these 8 things to be put aside immediately to get rid of this type of pain.

1.Heavy lifting

One of the main causes of low back pain is a lot of strength to lift heavy objects. At the first signs of pain it is essential to reduce the load on your back and try to boost this kind of thing with the help of a special computer or another person.

2.Keep at rest

The rest is usually a good remedy to calm the tension and pain, but it is not the best solution. The exercise has proved most effective in relieving and preventing the incidence of back pain. This is because it strengthens muscles while increasing circulation to the joints and discs. Of course, it is important to adopt good posture at every turn because, otherwise, can worsen the problem.


Poor posture while sitting is another common cause of constant episodes of this ailment. Bending back increases the pressure on the joints, muscles and discs leading to severe pain. To reduce pain and inflammation caused by the adoption of good posture is required throughout the day.


Stress is a common psychological disorder in society today derived from the many tasks, responsibilities and the same technology. This causes severe stress on the body that increases the pain in areas such as the neck, head and back. To avoid these consequences which causes should practice some relaxation techniques or regular exercise.


The causes of obesity include genetic factors and bad habits. While in the first case it is more difficult fight, adopting a healthy lifestyle can help a lot. Excess weight in the body deteriorates the quality of life, not only because it affects the image, but because it increases the pressure in different parts of the body, causing pain and inflammation. The decrease of at least 10% of body weight significantly reduces the recurrence of pain.


Although at first glance seems to have nothing to do, the smoking habit influences the common forms of back pain. The substances that make up the snuff reduce blood flow to the spine and spinal discs degenerate.

7.Bend forward

The constant bending forward increases the pressure on the discs of the back and, therefore worsens muscle ailments and conditions. In this sense, it is essential to limit this type of movement and try to do exercises for the lower back, focusing on bending backwards.

8.Disguise pain

The consumption of some pain medications or applying heat or cold treatments can relieve pain temporarily. However, they should not be considered as the only remedy for this problem because they only mask the pain. Two inevitable components in the overall reduction of this disease are low impact exercises and postural correction. If possible you should consult a physiotherapist to choose the best exercises depending on the type of pain. If none of the recommendations above fail to relieve pain and this persists for a week or two, see your doctor immediately to determine the cause and receive treatment.


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