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Basic rules for caring for a parakeet

  1. Basic rules for caring for a parakeetThe cage for two parakeets must have minimum measures of 70 cm in length, 40 in width and 50 in height.
  2. Choose a cage that has the horizontal bars and without plastic coating.
  3. The folding doors also serve as a point of support for the parakeets to take flight or land.
  4. To exercise the muscles of their legs it is convenient to use crossbeams in a way of different diameters.
  5. In the cage it is imperative that there is a trough, an automatic sprinkler and a stone to sharpen the beak.
  6. Parakeets love to swing, climb stairs and play with all kinds of objects. You can also give them sticks or twigs to entertain.
  7. Your little friend will enjoy much more if you give a few toys but you renew them frequently.
  8. Cover the cage floor with bird’s sand until it reaches a thickness of 1-2 cm.
  9. Install the cage in an elevated place of the room. Birds are very afraid of everything that can come from above.
  10. If we build a perch (or “tree”) with natural branches, will soon become the favorite place of parakeets when they fly freely around the house.



  1. Parakeets need daily fresh water, grain, green food (lettuce, etc.), fruit and vegetables, and every two or three days a pin of millet.
  2. Expired foods have often lost all their vitamins.
  3. Parakeets learn to recognize fruits and vegetables at the age of 8-16 weeks.
  4. Fruits and vegetables should be cut into small pieces. Lettuce has to be washed with warm water and let it dry.
  5. Let the remains of lettuce and the fruit or past vegetables be removed every night.
  6. To favor their digestion we can give those plants with roots (dandelion).
  7. Distribute the food throughout the day. For example, in the morning and in the late afternoon.
  8. Proportionate a limestone. In winter, administer a multivitamin complex.
  9. When you change the pen give them a special preparation that you can get at any pet store.
  10. Be very careful with plants and fruits that may be toxic to them, such as avocado, ivy or cypress.



  1. Clean the feeder and the drinker daily. Food remains are an ideal culture medium for bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  2. Wash the cage and accessories weekly with boiling water.
  3. Change the sand according to what gets dirty, but you have to renew it at least once a week.
  4. Renew periodically the branches of the cage and the room.
  5. Parakeets love to bathe and soak. Occasionally put a bathhouse on the door of the cage.
  6. Let your parakeets fly freely through the room for at least two hours a day.
  7. During moulting, clean the feather cage several times a week.
  8. If the beak and the nails grow too much, you will have to take it to the veterinarian so that it is cut them.
  9. Females need to peck and gnaw more than males.
  10. Play and talk as much as you can with your little friends.

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