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Behavioral Addictions Symptoms And Types

Behavioral Addictions Symptoms And Types

“Behavioral actions have to do with a person loses control over an activity and the ability to decide between making it or not.”

The main signs to identify addictive behavior are:

* Compelling need and a strong desire to perform a certain activity.

Inability to control themselves

* The adverse effects identified by one or noticed by people close, despite which the addict does not stop the activity.

* Denial. The addicted person does not realize the severity of the negative effects, denies that there is a problem and get angry, or become defensive if someone suggests that “it” is beyond their control.


Other Signs Include:

* Progressive focus of relationships, activities and interests around the origin of addiction.

* Progressive estrangement and abandonment of outside interests and addictive behavior relationships.

Irritability and discomfort address impediments to act on the addictive pattern.

* Changes in behavior.

* Random Aggression and mood changes not explained by other causes that addictive behavior itself.

* Inability or great difficulty while acting as the addictive pattern.


Some Types of Behavioral Addictions are:

  • Gambling
  • Compulsive spending
  • Sex Addiction
  • Cyberaddiction (computer addiction)
  • Addiction someone (pathological dependence on one person)

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