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Benefits and Properties of Caraway

Benefits and Properties of Caraway

Caraway is a plant whose seeds are used medicinally. Resembling cumin seeds, they contain substances used in natural medicine and herbal therapies especially in Ayurvedic tradition, but also use them as a spice for cooking. We know what the properties and benefits of caraway seeds are.

Properties of caraway
Caraway seeds have many beneficial health nutrients. They are a source of fiber, which helps prevent constipation, to have an optimal intestinal health, and to protect the colon of toxins that can develop cancer cells.
Other beneficial components caraway seeds are antioxidants active ingredients which act protecting the body from the action of free radicals and of degenerative diseases of the nervous system and skin.
Its volatile and digestive compounds are also very effective medicinal remedy against flatulence. In nutrition, caraway is a source of minerals such as copper, potassium, manganese, selenium, zinc and iron, among others. It also provides vitamins A, E, C and B complex

Medicinal benefits of caraway

For digestive difficulties
Caraway is the option of herbal medicine in case of flatulence and bloating, and digestive problems like colic and stomach cramps. For this purpose usually use water or infusion of caraway seeds along with peppermint essential oil.

For oral health
Caraway seeds are used as active components of mouthwashes, and to soften the pain in inflamed gums.

For skin problems
Caraway is used topically in the fungally affected, in order to regenerate the skin and cleansing wounds, burns and skin scarring.

For relaxing effects
Caraway essential oil is used for massage, and added to baths for their relaxing properties and pleasant aroma.

How caraway seeds are used
In addition to its culinary use -similar to that given to the fennel seeds and cumin medicinally can use the essential oil of caraway seeds, you consume the seeds adding to any dish, salad or yogurt; or prepare them into a medicinal tea, especially when it comes to cases of flatulence and abdominal cramps.

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