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Benefits of Butterbur for Health

Benefits of Butterbur for Health

Butterbur is an herb with many benefits and is being used to treat allergies. As every plant have many names: butterbur, Butterbur, grass and butterbur. It can take several forms and also to treat allergies has other medicinal uses. Continue below.

Uses of Butterbur for Health

Although more studies are needed but are attributed the following benefits:

1- Its most important use is as known and antihistamine or is to treat allergies; it is believed that its action is similar to the drug. It is used to relieve mild allergies and as a complement to more severe allergies.

2- It is believed to be very useful for those who suffer from allergic rhinitis or hay fever.

3- has anti-inflammatory

4- It is used to treat asthma. For their anti-inflammatory effects it helps reduce asthma symptoms and severity of the attacks.

5- Helps relieve headaches or migraines and reduce their frequency.

6- Treats respiratory diseases

7-It is a muscle relaxant.

8- It has a calming effect and helps control anxiety night.

9- Helps manage stress

10- Helps in cases of fever and spasms

11- It is an appetite stimulant

12-Help with cardiovascular disease. It is used to regulate the pressure

13- It is diuretic

14-It helps to treat gastric ulcers

15- Helps treat cramps

16- Helps treat some skin conditions and wound healing.

Taking of butterbur

This can be found as root extract, tinctures, tablets and powder of the leaves.

Contraindications of butterbur

In some people consumed in high amounts can cause itching, diarrhea, nausea, constipation and fatigue. It should not be consumed in cases of pregnancy, lactation or liver disease. It is best taken in pill form.

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