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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Face and Hair

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Face and Hair

Coconut oil is a great ally for our routines facial and hair beauty. It is one of the most acclaimed oily extracts for their applications in the hair. In this article you’ll learn all the benefits and properties of coconut oil for hair and face.

Coconut Oil for Hair

As you will see, there are many uses that can be given due to its moisturizing and regenerative properties. Coconut has essential nutrients to cells such as vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids.

A Great Hair Conditioner

The first use we can give is to coconut oil as a conditioner to restore the vitality of hair and tips, as well as to smooth and easily desencresparlo. It fits all types, afro, curly, straight, dry or oily.

For this it is necessary that you put a layer on top or towel because the oil drips enough.

The first step in treatment is to heat it. Deposited several tablespoons (2 to 4) of coconut oil in a bowl, and enter it in the microwave. Keep in mind if you have long or short to not overdo it with scoops hair. Gradually you will you go getting the hang.

Heat the oil but do not overdo it to prevent rust. With 20 seconds it is enough. If you do not have microwaves nothing happens, because you can easily melt in your hands.

Now apply the virgin coconut oil on your hair from the ends to the roots. Imprégnalo well to act like everything.To extend it you can do it with gentle massage. Once you’ve applied effectively, wrap your hair with a warm, moist towel or paper film.

Leave it on for about 30-35 minutes. As time has passed, get in the shower and rinse well with your regular shampoo to prevent hair is oily.

Using this process 1 or 2 times a week will see the results of a beautiful and healthy hair much sooner than you think. You can mix it with other extracts such as sweet almond oil. It is also an excellent companion in your homemade hair masks.

These tips will not only serve as a conditioner, but provide nutrition to the hair and deep hydration. Repairs damaged ends and slow its fall.

For Lice and Nits

It is a disinfectant, such as white vinegar or apple, and has very good capabilities to combat lice and nits in the smaller home.

Coconut Oil for Face

Essential fatty acids and vitamins are also very beneficial for the facial skin. Many people want to restore skin hydration or prevent the onset of wrinkles, and coconut oil is a great ally.

You can use it in several ways: alone or with your usual to combine cosmetic properties. You can also use it with cleansing milk or a facial scrub. Consider the options one by one.

I Want to Use Only

Pure coconut oil and extra virgin is ideal for dry skin. Just put a few drops on your fingers and apply on the face with gentle circular movements. The secret is to not stretch much to avoid damaging the skin. Try to avoid direct contact with eyes and eyelids.

I Want to Use with an Anti-Aging Cream

Of course, you can mix a few drops with your usual cream or serum. First put cosmetic on the palm of your hand. Add two or three drops of coconut oil and apply the mixture as before. Da flick with the fingertips to be well absorbed.

Remember to do this procedure on a clean skin free of impurities that prevent penetration.

Along with a cleansing cream

Coconut oil is characterized by a great disinfectant and antibacterial, which use facial cleansing is more than justified. In fact, there are dermatologists who prescribe for acne and other skin conditions naturally.


If you have dry lips or cut, it will be very useful to regenerate skin.


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