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Benefits of Drinking Chia Water

Benefits of Drinking Chia Water

Chia water is a rich soft drink that is made from the seeds of the same plant, which can also be called chan. It should be noted that this drink was already taken by the Mayans and the Aztecs because the chia preserves all its properties when it comes into contact with water.

Some of these attributes are its contribution in vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and antioxidants for the body.

What are the properties of chia water?

Chia seeds can be eaten in various ways, whether in salads, sandwiches, mixed with oats, desserts or in smoothies among others. See below the benefits of taking them with water.

It favors the intake of less food:

Consuming chia water regularly before breakfast will cause your stomach to close, so you will eat less food during the day to feel satiated.

Avoid slow digestions:

Chia allows the large intestine to aspirate nutrients correctly, resulting in the proper circulation of vitamins and minerals throughout the body.

Help to lose weight:

Chia water is optimal to remove a few kilos as it discards leftover adipocytes, that is, the cells that accumulate fat. Also, thanks to the fiber that has prevents constipation, in addition to purifying the body.

Delays old age:

It is advisable to drink chia water often so that the skin becomes solid, and thus prevent the signs of age and exhaustion from being noticed disproportionately. This soda is also good to be protected from agents such as pollution, sunlight or cigarette smoke.

Hydrates and nourishes the body:

Chia seeds contain vitamin C and antioxidants that provide the body with energy in addition to hydrating it. This situation causes the organs to work properly.

How is chia water made?

Having this drink ready will take you very little time and, instead, will bring great benefits for your body.


  • Lemon: 1 unit;
  • Water: 350 ml .;
  • Chia seeds: 6 grams;
  • Honey: 10 grams.


  1. Pour the 6 grams of chia in 150 ml. of water for 60 minutes to soften the seeds and form a gelatinous paste.
  2. In another glass, place 200 ml. of water and the juice of a squeezed lemon.
  3. Join the 2 bowls and stir the ingredients until a uniform paste forms. Use the blender, if you think it’s convenient.
  4. Add the honey and mix all the chia water components again.

Honey is an optional food. If you want to lose weight, it is preferable that you do not add it.

Final advice:

If you suffer from headaches, it is highly recommended that you drink a glass of chia water in the morning. Thanks to its antioxidant and nourishing function, chia seeds will help these discomforts disappear.

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