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Health Benefits of Eating Fish Regularly

Health Benefits of Eating Fish Regularly

Nutritionists suggest that a balanced diet should contain three weekly intakes of fish. This is because it is one of the dishes more animal protein and vitamins. This article describes the known benefits of eating fish.

Fish nutrients:

Not everyone likes fish or consume only one or two species. There are dozens of options to choose from, each with the following nutrients:

1. Proteins: They are essential for the repair; training and maintenance of body tissues, the proper functioning of hormones, transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells make antibodies, etc.

2. Vitamin A is important in preventing cancer to be antioxidant, improve skin, eyes and hair, strengthen the immune system, improve cardiovascular health and nervous system, transporting energy to cells.

3. Vitamin D is good for the bones, brain and teeth, as well as to maintain body weight.

4. Minerals: among them we can highlight iodine, fluoride, calcium, magnesium and zinc, all essential for our body.

5. Unsaturated fats: i.e., “good fats” for the body. They help reduce blood cholesterol levels and protect us from heart disease. They are mostly swordfish, herring, sardines and mackerel.

6. Omega 3 fatty acids: Fish are among the foods that supply of Omega 3 provides. This is essential to reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, to prevent clogging of blood vessels and to protect us from cancer. It is also good for relieving rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and nerves. It is excellent for improving brain function and prevents damage from aging, such as Alzheimer’s and atherosclerosis.

Benefits of eating fish:

Eating fish is advised at any age by doctors this is because:

1. It is suitable for healthy people and sick: Thanks to the nutritional properties (which have been detailed above), is one of the most beneficial foods. Fortunately we have access to a lot of species of fish, recipes and restaurants to consume. Especially it recommended in childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, lactation, old age and disease.

2. It provides few calories: The caloric content of fish is very low (no more than 80 kcal per 100 grams lean and up to 200 Kcal for blue). They are a good option for those who are dieting to lose weight. However, keep in mind the way it is prepared, as it is not the same as a hake filet breaded and fried furnace. It is advisable to cook steamed lose fewer properties. Blue fish roasted or grilled meat is so because usually resected.

3. It provides nutrients for growth: Both fish and shellfish have a 20% protein in its composition so. Crustaceans more.In turn, they have a lot of essential amino acids for the body, essential for the body to grow properly. That is why early age children should begin eating fish and repeat at certain moments of life such as pregnancy, always accompanied with vegetables, legumes and fruits.

4. Bring a lot of calcium: This is excellent news for those who have trouble digesting cow’s milk, for example. The intake of fish such as anchovies or sardines are a great source of calcium, intervening in the formation of healthy teeth, bone strength, the transmission of nerve impulses and blood clotting. A can of sardines provides the same amount of calcium as a cup of milk.Anchovies, seafood; clams and cockles are the most recommended in this case.

5.They provide a healthy dose of iodine: This is ideal for those suffering from goiter or thyroid problems. This disease is characterized by a lack of iodine and is more common in some areas of the world. Sea fish and shellfish become food recommended for these patients. It is also good for pregnant women because the lack of this nutrient can cause problems in the development and growth of the baby, especially the brain and thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can lead to mental retardation or developmental disorders in young children. The iodine-rich fish include salmon, mullet, cod, tuna, mussels and atún.Previene conditions: without doubt, the fish is a complete multivitamin, especially in group B (B1, B2, B3 and B12), D, A and E. The latter two have an antioxidant action and protect against certain degenerative or cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Vitamin D, in turn, promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the gut and kidney.Its fat content of the salient features, preventing heart disease and arteries.

6...It is easy to digest: Consistency, color, taste, preservation and digestibility are featured. Fish collagen posse less meat, so it is advisable for people with ulcers, gastritis, reflux or dyspepsia, as long as not too many in preparing oils, sauces and seasonings are added.

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