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Benefits of Mango Juice for Health

Benefits of Mango Juice for Health

The handles are yellow, green or red orange peel and an interior of dark orange. The fruit, which grows in tropical climates around the world, has been part of the diet of humans for over 4,000 years, according to the National Mango Board. Mango juice contains vitamins and minerals essential for good health. Search mango juice not containing added sugar to get the best benefits for your health.

Vitamin C

Consume enough vitamins C can help prevent colds and flu. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cells to work more efficiently destroying germs and bacteria. An 8-ounce serving of mango juice liquid contains two-thirds of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C.


A portion of mango juice supplies a quarter of the recommended daily intake of beta carotene. The dark orange magician is what provides beta carotene. The body uses beta carotene to make vitamin A, which maintains eye health. Vitamin A and beta carotene also work together to promote good skin and skeleton.


Mango juice contains potassium, a mineral that helps the heart, nerves and muscles work well. Potassium also regulates blood pressure and balance of body fluids. A cup mango provides about 325 mg of potassium. A portion of mango juice without added sugar or water, provides about 300 mg of potassium.


Mangoes provide an outstanding amount of iron. The iron produces healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen through the body. Add mango to your diet to increase your intake of this essential nutrient, if you have iron deficiency. An 8-ounce glass of mango juice liquid provides about 2% of the recommended daily intake of iron.

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