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Benefits of Siwaak Against Tooth Decay

Benefits of Siwaak Against Tooth Decay

Besides toothbrushes you already know, there is another natural known as Siwaak. This original brush Arak tree, is used not only to clean their teeth, but against the deterioration of the same. For these benefits it is interesting to know how to use it.

 Siwaak brush

The Siwaak is a stick, which composition can be used at any time, without the need for toothpaste. To better understand all its properties, it is important to know how to use it.

Using the Siwaak?

First you must start with the upper teeth. To do this, you must clean the teeth rubbing Siwaak from top to bottom.

You must repeat this action three times. After that, it starts with the outer surfaces of the teeth, then move to the inner faces.

Finally, rub the premolars and molars. A ready time, you repeat the same action on the lower teeth. You can also clean the tongue, which should be rubbed over its entire length. Once you’ve finished, you should wash the Siwaak with fresh water.

Thanks to the composition of Siwaak, this natural toothbrush presents certain benefits

The Siwaak contains fluorine, essential to avoid damage and wear of the teeth. In addition to having antimicrobial effects.

It has antibacterial compounds that can destroy teeth and damage the health of the teeth.

On the other hand, it contains tannic acid, reducing inflammation of the gums, preventing gingivitis.

It also contains essential oils that increase salivation, which helps cleanse the mouth and improve digestion (the first digestion occurs in the mouth).

Trimethylamino contains a substance that promotes good breath after eating certain foods.

Minerals and vitamins are essential for maintaining healthy teeth.

These substances are essential for healthy teeth and perform other bodily functions such as digestion and metabolism of food. It is therefore essential dental health care, and through Siwaak can do it naturally.

Keep in mind that if you wish, you can prepare yourself and take advantage Siwaak all its advantages. Do not forget that the foods you eat directly affect dental health, so do not forget to brush your teeth after eating foods containing sugars.

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