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Best and Easy Tips for Manicure at Home

Best and Easy Tips for Manicure at Home

Hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body, and therefore to suffer most. The hands and of course nails are a very important part of our image. If you want to have nice and maintained must resort to adequate manicure.

Let’s take long or short nails, we must care for them. Manicure can be done at home or go to a professional.

If we choose the second option is important to check using sterilized material to avoid any possibility of contagion if the slightest cut occurred. In our house, simply we use our own material and it is clean.

How you cut and file them

First, to cut the nails must do it straight to avoid cutting too much or does not respect the natural channel of the nail. A badly cut nails may become entrenched and cause infections.

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The next step is the filing. With clean and free of enamel hands, nails are filed in one direction to avoid splinter. We should not overdo the filing for the same can happen if we cut the nails too. When nails are striated to be polished enamel smooth.

Depending on the nail, it should be the type of file. For a hard nails, hard lime and the same if our nails are rather soft.

After the filing is necessary to cut the cuticles with a specific cutter for this. There are also special products to soften and facilitate this process. Then we dip hands in water to come out any traces of nails and cuticles, plus skin, so you can review if necessary and finish shape.

How to make them up

In choosing how we decorate our nails need to consider our personality and in what situations we will show our hands. To go to a party we can choose brighter colors and original details, but for day to day is preferable to more discreet enamel.

To protect the nail enamels especially with dark colors, you must first apply a hardener and a base. In the market there are bases with hardener. There are also applying protective glaze over for long life, but require more drying time.

Quality enamel usually dries faster and leaves the bright nail. Be careful with poor quality because they can be very scratchy and break our nails.

Any type of nail can be painted. For much damaged polish it is better opt for a translucent base or porcelain, since the strong colors would highlight imperfections.

Applying a layer of enamel

Tips for neat and natural hands

Before the nail makeup, you should massage your hands with a moisturizing or nourishing cream. If the skin is badly damaged, you can dip your hands in splash board to regain their tone.

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To improve the quality of the nails we can use natural remedies as horsetail that strengthens, or get a little hot oil with a few drops of lemon to nurture. Hardeners may also be used. Quality nail care improves if at least once a week.

Who does not want to wear nail polish, nail files and polishers can be used to unify the nail and remove its natural glow. As a finishing touch and protect the nail, you can give a transparent base layer or porcelain.

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