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Calendula Benefits for Health and Beauty

Calendula Benefits for Health and Beauty

The topical use of Calendula can help us alleviate many skin conditions and inflammation. While not toxic, its use is not recommended during pregnancy.

Known for its yellow and orange colors, calendula is an herbaceous medicinal plant present in gardens and parks. It has more advantageous properties for both medicine and for aesthetics. Learn the benefits of calendula health and beauty in the following article. It used for thousands of years and the Egyptians considered it a miracle plant. It was also used by the Romans and Greeks to cure diseases.

It is healing, antiseptic and skin ally

Calendula is used to heal wounds, healing action stimulates and regenerates damaged skin as well as can produce more collagen (vital for the skin to recover). It is used, then, for scars, but also for the hands and cracked feet, burns, psoriasis, skin irritations, scratches, eczema, dry lips, acne, sores or mouth, among others.

To reap its benefits, it is necessary to mix two tablespoons of fresh rose in four tablespoons of wheat germ oil and then applied to the skin. Some also make a tea with a handful of leaves and boiling water, let stand and place it as a poultice. Calendula is also used to heal wounds to apply as a compressor promotion.

Perfect friend of babies

Calendula has emollient, softening and soothing properties due to its content of beta-carotene, phytosterols, and salicylic acid, among others. This makes a wonderful ally to become mothers because it allows relieve diaper rash, very frequent and typical, especially in the summer.

You can get on the market or homeopathic pharmacies creams and wipes whose base is this plant. You can also apply a cold infusion of calendula and water in the affected areas.

It is anti-inflammatory

Calendula is used to reduce inflammation that occur in the mouth (such as sores), it is also good to cure pharyngitis and gingivitis, is an excellent home remedy for tonsillitis and ulcers in the duodenum or stomach. It should gargle with a cold or warm infusion several times a day. The mucilage in the plant soothes and softens the inflamed tissue.

It allows regulating the menstrual cycle

Marigold flowers are used to prevent and treat spasms caused in women due to menstruation. This is because they are rich in flavonoids, which have the ability to repair blood vessels and improve blood circulation; also treats amenorrhea and irregular menstruation. In turn, the essential oil of marigold is very good as a fungicide, so can be used in certain vaginal infections, such as the candiadisis.

Relieves eye strain

The use of calendula as compresses can combat the symptoms of red or tired eyes due to exposure to the computer screen or television, the sun or irritants like smoke. In turn, it allows combat conjunctivitis and eye inflammations, because it has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Fights fungus

As stated before, calendula is a great fungicide, one of the home remedies for older mushrooms in the world. Calendula extract is used to treat fungal infections of the skin and called “athlete’s foot”. You can also apply a cotton ball soaked in tea marigold on the affected area.

Reduces digestive problems

Drinking an infusion of marigold is an excellent remedy for those suffering from problems such as ulcers, gastritis, vomiting, indigestion, and the like. This is because among its compounds is one protein that treat inflammations.

Calendula has choleretic effect, i.e. it stimulates the flow of bile into the digestive tract, which improves digestion processes. For this reason it is recommended to drink a tea made with a tablespoon per cup of water marigold after meals.

Calendula benefits for aesthetics

This wonderful plant can be used without problems on all skin types, even the most sensitive. Three recipes so you can take advantage of its benefits. Enjoy them!

Facial Cleanser with calendula

It can be applied every night to remove eye makeup and face. Place six petals of calendula flowers, one tablespoon of cocoa butter and six tablespoons of almond oil in a saucepan. Put in double boiler, stirring well so that everything is integrated, for five minutes. Turn off the heat, strain and pour into a clean, dry bottle. This cream can be maintained for six months, it is not necessary to put in the fridge.

Calendula oil burns

This recipe only serves to home and superficial burns, first degree. Leave to marinate a handful of marigold flowers in a quart of olive oil for 40 days. Place in a warm place, has no direct sunlight.

Moisturizing lotion marigold and roses

It used to moisturize skin. Put some petals of roses and marigolds (equally) in a container. Cover with hot water and let stand cover all night. In the morning strain and pour into a clean, dry bottle. Cover and place in refrigerator. Applied to the face or where you want soaking a cotton ball in the liquid.

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