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5 natural remedies for inflamed belly

We get to have the belly inflamed, by gases trapped in the intestine, due to the excessive intake of foods rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables. Generally, when we eat excessively, we have an inflamed belly, although it can also be due to gases trapped in the intestine, due …

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9 tips to feel better and deflate the abdomen

We frequently associate the swelling of the abdomen area when we have eaten too much. However, the causes can also be the accumulation of liquids or gases. Inflammation can also be linked to digestive problems such as gastritis or constipation. Tips to feel better and have a flatter abdomen Avoid …

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How to do squats correctly at home

The squat is one of those essential exercises that give us incredible benefits whatever you are looking for. Although at first it seems a very easy and uncomplicated exercise, there are many variants that can complicate its realization. In addition, the technique is very important, because if we do not …

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How to relieve pain during childbirth

There is no magic formula to relieve pain during childbirth; however, there are some techniques that promote relaxation to increase tolerance to it. Although their severity varies in each woman, in general, they all want to be more prepared to face it. The pain is caused by contractions of the …

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Tips to Maintain Energy all Day Long

To succeed from our difficult daily routines, most of us invest coffee and sheer determination until falling on the couch, totally exhausted. With so many people working longer and longer, lack of energy has become a common problem. If your energy is a bit low, take a look at this …

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