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Causes and Treatments of Ankle Pain

Causes and Treatments of Ankle Pain

Sore ankles.Surely you yourself have suffered at one time one of those days when, without knowing why, it costs more to support the foot. And when you do, you feel a sudden jab at your ankle. It is a reality that can last for days, but … what is that? We explain.

Ankle Pain Causes:

There is one aspect that we must be clear. Our feet are a complex conglomerate of small well assembled bones, muscles, multiple joints and ligaments. Consider also the constant movement that put our feet and our ankles every day. It is something that never ceases, compared, for example, with our shoulders. It is also very different burden placed on them and the need we have that these ligaments, muscles and joints are properly at all times.

It is normal that at some point suffer any problems. Hence we want to show you what may be the main causes:

  1. Weak Ankles

Some people suffer more than others ankle pain. This is due to the fact that the ligaments are somewhat weaker, they get tired more because they are thinner or are not as strong as those of other people.

Sometimes a bad sprain usually causes this reality healed. And watch out; keep in mind that the use of inappropriate footwear for a long time, such as heels, often also causes weakness of ligaments and therefore ankle pain.

Doctors also warn that a poor diet or stress can also lead to this picture of pain or discomfort. We are somewhat weaker, our bones, cartilage and ligaments become weak and weak ankles profiled classics. We hardly walk for continued periods, we feel punctures, pain when climbing stairs … and without quite knowing how, just limping. Sure has happened to you on occasion.

  1. A sprain

All we have suffered. One wrong move, a wrong step, a little accident … Sprains are basically a ligament injury to those existing in our ankles. They are overstretched in a given time and break; something very painful that always causes a swelling in the affected area.

It is very common in athletes, but that does not mean that at some point we stumble, we fall or demos that misstep where suddenly we noticed that we can no longer walk.

  1. Ankle Arthritis Pain

To tell if your ankle pain due to arthritis or simply weak ligaments, notice if your pain extends to the foot and even the heel. We also differentiate because it is not a blip that appears suddenly, not a sprain.

This pain occurs frequently and becomes more intense in cold weather or when we walked over the account. The pain is not sharp; it’s like a burning engulfing the whole foot, not just the ankle. Arthritis usually occurs with age and although there is no cure, if we follow palliative treatments.

  1. Ankle Pain Due To Drop

Should our ankle pain due to gout, is characteristic that in addition to pain, inflammation appears, swelling in the foot area. It is a blood test which we determine its origin, because as you know, the drop is due to an excess of uric acid, which accumulates in the form of crystals that cannot be removed and stored in the joints painfully. We must take this into account to prevent it.

Palliative Treatments for Sore Ankles

That will always remind our doctor who we the most appropriate indications for ankle pain depending on what its source. We, for our part, we indicate simple home remedies that will serve as a palliative treatment. Do you want to know then?

  1. Weak Ankles

If your case is that suffer from weak ligaments, then get used to wear comfortable shoes with which no more overload ankle. A diet rich in vegetables like spinach, I conalto magnesium content, bromelain present in pineapple, parsley present in silicon or lentils also strengthen our ligaments. The practice gentle exercises like yoga are also very suitable.

  1. Sprains

If we will certainly sprain medical guidelines provided rehabilitate the ankle. Meanwhile, to reduce inflammation, you can apply at the ankle with salt water baths and rosemary oil. Taking ginger tea will also help for pain and inflammation, as well as natural juices of carrot.

This treatment is suitable for people who suffer from arthritis, since the purpose is the same: to reduce swelling and to treat pain. Do not hesitate, you will be fine.

  1. Drop

What if we started to improve our food? No red meat, fat, foods like liver or viscera of animals. It is very harmful in case of gout. Raise your intake of fluids and juices, cherries, suitable for uric acid, fresh vegetables and, for example, the excess water from the decoction of the artichokes. Taken together with a little lemon juice is wonderful.

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