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Causes of Swelling in the Fingers

Causes of Swelling in the Fingers

Why are we swollen fingers? Today we tell you the most common causes and some solutions to this problem.

Sure has ever happened to you suddenly notice you pressure on your toes and a slight inflammation. You feel swollen, while you cannot even take off your rings. Sometimes it happens while we’re walking, or mid-afternoon. For what is this? The causes that classic swollen fingers are varied.We’ll explain below.

The swelling anywhere in the body usually caused by a buildup of fluid, and fingers are an area where overwork is very common. The cause of the fluid accumulation is due to poor circulation, but sometimes are also symptoms of other diseases that can be prevented if we are aware of their symptoms.


  1. Poor circulation

An excess of cholesterol, have high blood pressure or decompensate, our circulatory system causes to flow more strongly and at a high speed from the heart to the lungs. We tire more, and consequently, this circulatory ray intensity in our decompensate both extremities and in the cool fingers.Because of swollen hands our blood vessels open more and this results in edema and swelling.

  1. Overweight

Obesity, or having a few extra kilos, causes changes in our lymphatic system; causing liquids retain both hands and feet. The swollen Sorry, we do not fit the shoes, for example, and hands feel like a tingling before those slightly swollen fingers.

  1. Swelling due to carpal tunnel

When we suffer the so-called carpal tunnel in your hand, it is common to have a constriction of the blood supply in this area due to a compression of the median nerve, which causes numbness in the fingers, accompanied by cold and swollen fingers.

  1. Because of an allergic reaction

Sometimes you can get a foreign body in our body. To defend him histamine is released into the bloodstream to fight it, and this sometimes causes swelling in your fingers. Before this reaction need to take antihistamines.

  1. Infection

Infection occurs when germs get into our skin injury, sometimes just a small cut. It may be that one of your fingers start to swell and have pain sensation. Sometimes we may have infected a tissue to the bone, often with fever coursing.

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis

Wear our joints and cartilage, sometimes; you can usually attack our fingers. What are your symptoms? No matter how old, suddenly it appears a swelling in the fingers accompanied by a crimson red. It is painful, especially in the mornings, and is common to feel stiff fingers are hard to move.

How I can treat my swollen fingers?

  1. Exercises to eliminate the tingling and fluid retention

Let’s reduce fluid retention fingers moving as you see in the picture. This movement causes blood to flow and pump excess fluid out. It is simply moving the thumb in and out repeatedly, as simple gets restore fluid balance.

Another exercise is also suitable bring the two palms (like you’re praying) and raise them above your head. This also helps us to make our movement.

  1. Takes natural diuretics

Will allow you to eliminate fluid retention in your body. First try to drink two liters of water a day. In your diet includes natural foods with diuretic powers, such as green tea, celery, carrots, tomatoes, onions, eggplant, asparagus, artichoke, watercress, cucumber, Brussels sprouts, the lettuce…

  1. Balanced Diet without salt

If we follow a diet rich in fiber, vegetables, eliminating industrial fats, additives, and salt, your body will improve primarily avoiding fluid retention, improve our circulation, and helping us lose weight.

  1. Compression Gloves

If you tend to have very swollen fingers and usually feel discomfort, you can use gloves understanding that sold in pharmacies. They are very useful in these cases; exert adequate pressure on hands and fingers, releasing excess liquid.

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