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Characteristics that make women more attractive

Characteristics that make women more attractive

While most seek to please every time we fix ourselves is, there is a small part of us that is very curious to know what men think about the different looks we choose. There are so many options!

For best male preferences for female beauty a series of investigations were conducted and could reach some very interesting conclusions…

White Smile

White smile

According to a study published in PLOS, a white and bright smile can make that guy you find attractive. Research conducted found that a yellow smile generates less attraction than good white smile.

This does not mean you should submit to whitening sessions to look like a movie star, as it was found that a natural white smile will be just as attractive.

Wider hips

While many women strive to refine the waist, a study in New Zealand found evidence that men feel more attracted to women with wider hips.

Natural brunettes

Natural brunettes

This is a discussion we know a long time and although tastes there is nothing written, one study suggested that women with dark hair arouse more attraction in men than women blondes. It was also concluded that the long hair does not influence too.

Less makeup

Less makeup

The reality is that most of us love makeup and are not willing to leave for nothing. But if one day not have time to apply makeup, remember that this study Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology conducted with men where they were shown pictures of different women with and without makeup proved that those with less or no make them more attractive.

Long arms

Apparently men find attractive women with long arms, but … what about your legs? Well, according to this study, they focus more on the arms.

Red lips

Red lips

While we knew that the most attractive feature are our lips, now thanks to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology also we know that painted red generate even more impact.

> Science says that this is the most feminine trait attractiveness

High voice

Apparently men are more attractive women loudly, but you should not take this as an opportunity to scream every time you speak.

Well … apparently men seek more simplicity of what we believe. Anyway, we must never give up everything that makes us feel beautiful, because the most important is how we feel about ourselves.

But it is also interesting to know what a man is thinking when he sees us arrive with red lipstick or when we raise our voice, right?

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