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Collagen, the health protein for your joints

Collagen, the health protein for your joints

Walk, climb a ladder, laugh out loud, take our kids in their arms … Each of these activities requires the presence of a key and essential protein: collagen. When we talk about this the first thing that comes to mind is the need to give our skin a good cream rich in collagen to deal with the first signs of aging.

However, its impact on our day-to-day life is such that we forget something basic and that it should be taken into account: Collagen is the most important protein in our body. A good level of this protein in our organism allows us to have stronger collagen fibers. Consequently, we will get stronger tissues that will give strength, endurance and health to our joints, our bones, skin, muscles and tendons. On the other hand, it should be noted that we have several options when it comes to covering our collagen deficits. One of them is, without a doubt, to help us with adequate food supplements. This becomes essential once we reach the age of 30, when levels begin to fall…

Collagen, the protein of life and movement

Almost without knowing how, it arrives that day: when climbing the stairs we feel a prick in the knee.

One afternoon, the wrist joint fails; it costs us more weight lifting, writing on the computer … Even the simple change of time seems to leave its mark of pain on the hip or on a shoulder.

The gradual loss of collagen is normal, but not totally irreversible. It should also be remembered that there are several factors that can accelerate this loss:

  • Menopause
  • The overweight
  • A bad diet
  • A work that involves always doing the same movements
  • Being an athlete or athlete
  • Hormonal factors, age and our habits of life take away, little by little and without our realizing it, force the engine of our life, health to our day to day and, what is worse, the pain begins to do act Of presence.

Is it possible to strengthen joints?

There are those who think of it as lost. They are things of the age, what is going to be done, everything hurts and my joints are not the same as before. Far from assuming this defeatist attitude, it is important to be clear about a simple aspect: we agree that we will not be able to get back to the collagen level of a 20 year old. However, we can recover part of this protein to have a better quality of life.

Well, there is not a single approach. Actually, assuming a series of changes in our daily lives can begin to generate wonderful results in our well-being:

  • Carry a healthy and balanced diet, where to include products rich in vitamin C, minerals like sulfur, as well as foods containing lysine, a type of amino acid.
  • Moderate exercise practice is also very suitable.
  • Preventing overweight

Finally, we have at our disposal a simple and effective option: food supplements. These are an excellent way to provide the body with the nutrients needed to prevent joint wear and tear. Thus, they help us in their regeneration, reduce pain, recover from injuries and improve mobility.

Flex gives you the essential nutrients to take care of your joints. From now on, taking our body to wherever our mind is not going to be any problem. Preventing and treating joint wear is within our reach thanks to this nutritional supplement: Vanir Flex.

We only need an envelope a day; it has a fruity flavor and will allow us, gradually, to reduce those discomforts associated with wear and gradual loss of collagen.

Flex provides the following essential nutrients:

Collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid all of these are endogenous substances that are part of the cartilage and the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints.

Hydrolyzed collagen, on the other hand, promotes the metabolism of cartilage, while stimulating extracellular matrix synthesis.

According to several clinical studies, hydrolyzed collagen improves the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

It helps reduce the pain and stiffness of the joints and improves their function and, therefore, our quality of life.

Who is it aimed at?

Flex is a product suitable for both men and women with joint ailments, as well as for older people, athletes, injured or for people who often suffer from overloads.

We are dealing with an exceptional resource that provides us with the basic nutrients so that we can move with life.

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