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Color Blindness Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Color Blindness Causes Symptoms and Treatment

Almost all people who suffer the disorder can see colors, but have difficulty distinguishing some of them. Moreover, not all have problems with the same colors most cannot distinguish red from green with a dim light, some people cannot differentiate blue from yellow and a very small group presents a condition called “monochromatic” only it allows them to see in black and white.

Color blindness various types affects approximately 7% of men and less than 1% of women.

What is the cause of blindness?

Color blindness is a genetic disorder caused by a difference in the way the light-sensitive retinal cells react to certain colors. These cells, called “cones“, detect the wavelengths of light and are those that enable the retina distinguish from each other colors. This different sensitivity in one or more cones can cause a person to suffer blindness.

Symptoms of color blindness

The parents who usually detect the symptoms of color blindness when their children are young. In other cases, the symptoms are so mild that they may even go unnoticed. Common symptoms of color blindness are:

  1. Difficulty distinguishing colors each other
  2. Inability to see shades or tones of the similar color
  3. Quick eye movement (in rare cases)

Color blindness Treatments

There is no known treatment for this condition. Fortunately, the view of most people with this disorder is normal in all other aspects and only requires certain methods of adaptation.

The above texts have a single information object. Always consult your eye care professional.

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